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Friday, September 2

Parent's Guide To Netflix

We parents has always been keen on filtering all the movies that our kids watch. We make sure that the dialogues and even the music are well filtered from bad words and obscene phrases. Still, with the vastly availability of internet connection it seems hard to watch our kids all the time. Netflix, one of today's source of movies, TV shows and entertainment hub is just cool enough to be there for our missed episodes and TV shows but of course not all shown on this site are allowed for kids sometimes there are the SPG rating or the Strong Parental Guidance is needed  and even the music they listen at. For parents, it is often thought or see things fast that things are neglected if it is right for the kids or not. And since screen time can also be family bonding time. Whether you like to snuggle up on the couch with your kids during the weekends, or you prefer to keep cartoon-watching with your kids to a good ten minutes before bedtime, Netflix respects your choice. And Netflix got you covered in worrying what your kids ought to watch and how long.

Here's what they say about Netflix and for the first time user.

If you’re a first-timer, here are some simple Netflix hacks to get you started:

Create profiles for your kids. With the ‘Manage Profiles’ feature, you get to create up to 5 different user profiles within a Netflix account. Sibling rivalry? Solved. Control data usage. With the ‘Cellular Data Usage’ settings in your Netflix app, watching Netflix on-the-go doesn’t have to bust your data caps. One gigabyte of data can stream up to 3 hours of TV shows and movies!

Set parental controls. Keep those curious little fingers away from mature content, so you can relax while they have fun.

Identify shows by characters. For visual learners, they can scroll through the row of characters at the top of the Kids section and select their favorites. Pause and play. Assure your kids that their favorite character will remain just the way you left them, allowing you to easily continue watching where you left off.

We’ve also put together a list of shows that are perfect for co-viewing and parent-child interaction, providing your family with a good dose of bonding during playtime, while giving your child space to grow and learn, no matter what their age is. Happy streaming!

So, this is what Netflix has for the kids and for the parents to see what kids can watch. Hope that this little information gives you a piece of mind. 


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