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Saturday, December 3

Mamypoko Entice Moms and Dads With Their FlyToJapan Promo

Hi Mommies and Daddies, Daddy Yashiro is here to share what Lazada and Mamypoko have for you. Yup, they got some interesting prize for moms and dads who would avail Mamypoko products through Lazada. And take note that Lazada got their Online Revolution sale promo so be part of it to get great discounts.

So here's what their promo is all about. It is dubbed as Momypoko "FLYTOJAPAN" where one lucky mom or dad can win a trip for two (2) to Japan. You can have chance of winning by purchasing Momypoko products through using the FLYTOJAPAN promo code which entitles you for one (1) entry. Isn't it great that moms and dads can have their second honeymoon!
It would be even great if the winner of Mamypoko "FLYTOJAPAN" winner is a constant reader of Daddy Yashiro's Journal. It would be an honor.
So if you want to know more of the mechanics and how to join check out the details below or visit
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