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Sunday, September 18

Sign The Petition, Save The Thresher Sharks and Prevent Extinction

Being one of the people who strive to protect the planet and make a difference even in small things compels me to do something even more than the usual routine that I have. Yes, I do teach my kids, family and friends to do something for mother earth even in simplest things that they can do like throwing small plastic wrappers on its rightful place, saving water, conserving electricity and even recycling some materials that are still useful to us. By these, at least we have made a small difference.

But this is not enough to make a bigger impact in helping save the environment. I have been out of the environmental organization for more than a decade already so my activities isn’t as much as it is, not as active as I was before.

Friday, September 2

Parent's Guide To Netflix

We parents has always been keen on filtering all the movies that our kids watch. We make sure that the dialogues and even the music are well filtered from bad words and obscene phrases. Still, with the vastly availability of internet connection it seems hard to watch our kids all the time. Netflix, one of today's source of movies, TV shows and entertainment hub is just cool enough to be there for our missed episodes and TV shows but of course not all shown on this site are allowed for kids sometimes there are the SPG rating or the Strong Parental Guidance is needed  and even the music they listen at. For parents, it is often thought or see things fast that things are neglected if it is right for the kids or not. And since screen time can also be family bonding time. Whether you like to snuggle up on the couch with your kids during the weekends, or you prefer to keep cartoon-watching with your kids to a good ten minutes before bedtime, Netflix respects your choice. And Netflix got you covered in worrying what your kids ought to watch and how long.
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