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Saturday, January 7

Daddy Yashiro's Review of Mamypoko Product

One of the happiest moments of Dads are when Mommies bring forth to the world the most precious gift from God, the babies. Yes they are one of the wonderful gifts that Dads are to do anything even crazy stuff. And of course just like the famous line in Spider-Man "Great power comes with great responsibility" and to rephrase that line "With cuddly cute babies comes with great responsibilities". One of which is changing their diapers.

The dreaded and menacing chore of changing babies diapers. Without practice and without experience this can be a little bit messy and dirty. I remember my first changing our kid's diaper, it was like the first you kiss a girl. You don't know what to do and you don't have any idea or manual to follow in changing diapers, most especially those with straps only.

Good thing that diapers evolve in forms and ways of wearing it. Perhaps it is due to the clamor of most Moms and Dads perhaps about the hassle that they experienced in changing diapers. So, to make things a lot easier for the Moms and for the Dads as well diapers were redesigned into an easy wearable diaper without the straps. Mamypoko is one of today's current diaper brands that uses the same technology with their diapers. They wanted Moms and Dads to have an ease in changing diapers.

MamyPoko pants are easy to wear diapers that are most likely for active babies. MamyPoko made a tag line "InstaSuot" since most of today's things are instant and for diapers instasuot makes things life a whole lot easier most especially for the working parents.

Here's what I can say about MamyPoko Diaper since I'm a hands on Dad.

One of the things that babies needs in a diaper is comfort, when it comes to sleeping and moving around the house comfort is what helps babies do more. When they feel no irritation with the diapers they are wearing they are more jolly and responsive. With MamyPoko the diaper pants are all-round stretchable diaper pants. It is also a breathable waistband that wouldn't irritate the skin. MamyPoko's Pants are with a grade A materials used for absorption. Absorption technology of diapers also helps in providing comfort for the family. The absorption properties of the diaper can last up to 10 Hours. Waistband are breathable and without leakage.

Easy Use
MamyPoko pants diaper is as easy as 1, 2, and 3, since the diaper itself is designed to easily put on and pull off to avoid the hassle of changing diapers. Just wear it like the short pants though it is a diapers. When removing it is also just like peeling a banana. Just tear the seam on the side area and viola, you get to remove it already.

On the basis of its materials and comfort as used by babies, MamyPoko diapers is on the level of the affordable ones. Of course most savings comes in bulk so when you buy bulk orders you sure can make a great discount. What's interesting is that it goes right into your door step when you order it at Lazada. Hassle free shopping.
In totality MamyPoko diaper is one of the diapers to depend on and since most of the newly Dads don't know very much about diapers, this comes as a good ally.

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