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Saturday, April 29

Room For The Kids, When Is the Right Time?

Okay our kids are really growing fast and they are starting to have more stuff of their own and things are getting cluttered in the house. So me and my wife decided to let the kids have their own room. Of course everyone would ask when is the right time for kids to have their own rooms.

When is the right time for kids to have their own room? Is there any right time for the kids to have their own room? Well, in my opinion, as a Dad of two adorable and hyperactive kids, there's no specific or right time for the kids to have their own room. There are few reasons to consider why there's no right time, first if you're house is not big enough to have ample number of rooms for the family and second is the budget or fund to for the construction of an additional room.

But of course it is needed for the kids to have their own rooms, as much as possible. Kids having their own room gives them a sense of responsibility. Cleaning and taking care of their rooms is just one of the responsibilities that kids should remember.

Another benefits or learning for the kids in having their room is that they will learn the value of privacy and respect. If there rooms they will have to respect others in order for others to respect them. Also it is a privacy for the Dads and Moms.

One more learning is that kids will have to be brave and learn to be alone, specially at night. A little glimpse of being independent.

In an ideal house it is necessary for the kids to have their own rooms but in reality, most especially for the ones who can only afford a small studio type of house it is impossible to have rooms. So families like these squeezes themselves together.

So if you're still asking, there's no specific time but make sure for them to learn the value of privacy, independence and responsibility.

So how about you? What do you think of kids having their own rooms? Share them and lets exchange experiences.
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