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Monday, May 1

Our Kids Became A Kiddie Crew For A Day

Kids love to play around and be somebody else or what they want to be even just for a while. Things open up for them in a whole new perspective. Something that is instill within them even it is just a play.

Just a few weeks ago, my wife was invited by one of the leading fastfood chain in the country for the launch of their annual summer activity for the kids and also to introduce their newest ambassador for the said activity. Good my wife isn't just the one who's going to be there but the whole of us. Yes, my wife (, me and the kids.

We've been invited before when Gelo was around 3 or below and he is one of the cutest and youngest kiddie crew for that day. He was the love of cameras back then and now, I think he is still the love of crews but not for his cuteness but of him being hyperactive. Also for being talkative and someone who's not afraid to face a crowd.

So the activity was an indoor, good thing they won't be sweating that much but during that day me and my wife are one's getting sweaty. In order to capture their wonderful and great moments we were running here and there just to have a photo or video of them. It was funny but we, ourselves were crew members as well that day, crew member of our sons.

They did a tour of the establishment, went being door greeters, served as a cashier, and made their own cheese burger. Perhaps the only things that they didn't do was cooking and managing. The supposed workshop is a long week activity for the kids and it was great that our kids did enjoy it even for a day.

So if you're curious on what they did, well, check out the videos below and see what happen during that day.

So if you want your kids to get busy this summer vacation, just enroll on some activities that they would love to do. Just make sure that your kids will enjoy, learn and have a good time with that activities.

What activities did you enroll your kids this summer? Hope to read your comments.
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