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Thursday, June 8

Tips and Things To Do To Prepare Kids In Going Back To School

Our kids are back to school! Vacation time is over and they need to focus in school. Now, we know that going to school is hard. Been there! So, since I'm working and always out of the house my wife is in charge of making the kids some how not too drawn to their beds.

So, what did she do? Well, she made some school activities that they should do prior the beginning of the class. It's more of a pre-schooling activity. Just to make them be aware that they are about to go to school again. Here are some tips and things to do.

    • Give them something to do like advance reading or writing. 
    • If their next school hour is early in the morning try to give them a few days of waking up early.
    • Let them prepare their school materials like bag, notebooks, ball pens, pencil and erasers.
    • Try to have scene game where parents plays the role of the teacher and let them introduce themselves just like every beginning of the school days.
Now isn't that great? Just remember that the interest should come from them but of course we, parents should impose authority.

How about you, what have you done to entice them to go to school?

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