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Monday, January 22

Monday Rush: Facilities For PWD

It's Monday again and you know what always lies during part of the week, well it's nothing else but traffic. Always but this past year until now its getting worse. If my previous stories about Monday Rush is me rushing to the office now it's different or should I say much worse.

This 2018 I've revisited this blog again and made some personal posts. Just had some time to visit my other blogs because of my injury. Yup, I posted previously that I got into an accident of which I have to spend my days walking on one leg. Now imagine me skipping and hopping around the house with one leg. Well to be honest it was hard but what's harder is this morning trip to my office.

I have rested for two weeks already but still the sprain on my ankle is still a bit swollen and with some minor blitz of pain but its manageable. So, this morning or rather yesterday I decided to go to work. My travel going to work requires one bus ride and one jeepney ride plus some few walks along the way. Imagine that.

So, what surprised me this morning was the difficulty in riding public utility vehicles such as the bus Imagine me with a bag and a support (tungkod or baston). I even realized how hard it is for the PWD or Person With Disability to go around the city riding the public utility vehicles. Even though there are PWD signs, still some does not abide and follow the law for the PWDs. Few buses ignored me and some made a hand gesture of no more when there's still space.

It's my first day to go to work disabled and I can say it was difficult. I just pray that there will be more facilities for PWDs. Not by just mere signs but is actually working and being recognized by everyone.

Of course there are still others who really know the facts about the rights of PWDs and it was heartwarming to know that they care. Like I said more WORKING FACILITIES for PWDs.

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