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Thursday, March 29

Daddy Yashiro Talks About Baby-proofing Your Home

Another learning from different parenting sites, forums, and of course the best source are the moms (I got plenty of mommy friends – bloggers and not) that I would like to share as well. Of course there are some minor changes and tweaks that I did or rather added. Well it’s always different to every family and situations so parents should adapt or level up.

So, without anymore more blah blah and blah here it is.

Baby-proofing home is one of the things that parents should do nowadays. Since most of the times parents aren’t frequent in the house, unless they are full time moms or dads, so keeping everything in safe mode is the best for babies. Whether you think this is needed or not, you should have it. It’s more of a precaution to insure the safety of the children.


Here are some suggested baby-proofing things to do.

  • Cabinet areas are one of the places children love to play around. They love hiding, opening and closing the cabinet doors. So to baby-proof cabinets make sure to have locks that they cannot reach to avoid their fingers being hurt, worse broken. Also make sure that the corners are rubberized or with protection. I think modern hardware store have these just ask them. Another thing is that cabinets are filled with canned good that can fall and can be dropped on children. These could smash their feet. Hazardous chemicals hidden inside the cabinets are also risk for them. So don’t leave them open.
  • Doors can be baby-proof as well by buying door handle covers that have to be squeezed the right way for them to open. This prevents children from being able to run outside when you are not watching or get into un-baby-proofed rooms. Another wonders that could help are the baby gates, if you are trying to contain a child in a room or two, these are good help. Just be sure to secure them tightly so they do not lean against them and tumble over with it. Keep change off of counters, tables, or anything low enough for a child to reach. They could stick the coins in their mouth and choke. Any other small object as well should be put up out of reach for the same reason.
  • Another danger in the house is cords, plugs and electronic outlets. These things should be kept unreached by the kids. Electric outlets should be covered so children won’t stick their fingers in it and get them electrocuted. Cords and plugs are supposed to be hidden.
 Alcohols, mouthwash and the likes are also dangers to kids so better get them into places unreached by the children, even the sealed ones. Children are smarter than you think and in a given time they can break into more stuff than you can imagine.
  • Always vacuum your floors to eliminate the risk of your children crawling in stuff people can bring inside the house from their shoes.
  • On water heaters, always set them to 120 degrees F or below to avoid the risk of burns incase children plays with the water or when they take a bath.
  • Toy boxes can also be a danger, so drill holes in it in case they crawl in and become trapped inside.
  • Install baby gates in front of stairways to prevent injury from falling down the stars.

These are just some of the suggested actions that need to be done around your house to baby-proof or child-proof your house.

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