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Tuesday, March 27

Daddy Yashiro’s Shares Newborn Bathing Ritual

It’s been 6 years since the last time I held our youngest son and gave him a bath. It was scary and I’m really nervous doing it. I’m worried that I might do something that would not be okay with him but thank God with my wife with me I was able to pass that worrisome stage. So, now that they are already big and they can do bath on their own I missed that moment but of course it will always be a memory to cherish.

This came to be because I find out on my FB feed that some of my friends are newly Dads. It’s their first time to be with a baby and to hold them. So, to give them something to look at as a reference I’m sharing some of the things I learned not only through experience but also with the events I have been that talked about babies.

So first of the fragile and scary ritual with the babies for first time Dads and Moms is the Bathing Ritual and most especially for the newborn. So there steps to follow and to consider before bathing the babies. Most grandmas know this and I’m sure they are there to guide the new parents.

  • Step 1 – Massage with oil the crucial parts or areas of the baby, like the top of the head or we call in Filipino as “bunbunan”. The chest and the back, the navel part, the genital area, the hands and the feet. This is done to leave a warm protective barrier on the skin.

  • Step 2 – You can do two ways. One is to wrap the baby in a swaddle to mimic the feeling of the baby while inside the mother’s womb. This will make him feel safe and secure as you lower him down in a tub of lukewarm water. Wash first the baby’s face, then unwrap and continue to wash the neck, armpit, arms and body, the genitals and the legs. The other ways is, if you’re still scared of washing the baby, you can have the baby wash using soft cloth before lowering him down to a tub of lukewarm water. Take note not much of a water to keep them safe.

  • Step 3 – Rinse baby and dry but of course using soft cloths in drying the baby and make sure electric fans are off or even aircons. Most oldies would definitely warn you on this but it make sense because baby might catch cold if the fans or aircon are on.
  • Step 4 – If you have lotion for babies apply them in an I love you massage motion. This gives them feeling of comfort, not only to maintain their skins moisture. Also if advised by their paediatrician apply baby powder this helps in protecting the baby from irritation-causing wetness.
So, these are the steps that newly dads and moms follow through. These are done to newborns up to their 6th month to make them feel safe, stable and secure. But of course always cross reference with your paediatricians. If you have any comment or suggestions feel free to share. We’re here to share anyway. God’s day everyone!

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