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Friday, March 23

Friday Toys : Kamen Rider OOOs DX OOO Driver

It's Friday Toys once again, unfortunately we have been a very busy Dad so we weren't able to share some of our toy reviews for you all. It was those busy, tiring and uneasy days. Hopefully we can maintain this time and share some of the good stuff that my kids are having or have. Of course there are some that are not that good but hey it's a toy, it's all good stuff for them. Just make sure to have some safety precautions when having these toys for your kids. Take note always read the labels if the toys are right for your kids.

So, shall we start.....

Today we will be sharing this toy that we were able to find in a sale from one of the store in the metro. We have been eyeing on something like this for months already since the last time me and the kids decided that we will collecting belts of Tokusatsu superheroes. Yes you read it right... Tokusatsu which a Japanese term for live action superheroes. One of which that we are targeting are the characters of Kamen Riders (Masked Riders). For this blog post and as of now, what we have bought was the belt of Kamen Rider OOOs, the DX OOOs Driver.

The Kamen Rider 000s' DX 000s Driver comes with the belt which is the Force Driver with the O Slater, the charging ring which is the O Scanner, and of course the core medals. The medals varies I don't exactly know how many core medals and cell medals we are supposed to collect but I'm sure its plenty because that are the combinations Kamen Rider 000s are using. Good thing that the medals included in the package are four (4). These are the core medals included in the package Hawk or Falcon? (Taka), Tiger (Tora), Grasshopper or Locust (Batta), and Mantis (Kamakiri). The default form for short is "TaToBa".

When I brought this toy back home kids were so delighted and I think we will try to collect as many as we can.

Here's Gelo's video using the Kamen Rider OOOs  DX Driver.

What do you think of our toy today?
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