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Wednesday, February 21

Our Kids' Youtube Channel, Kids On The Go

Since our kids are moving up to their ladder of successes in school and of course with their individual discoveries, we wanted to boost up their confidence and self-steem by having their own Youtube Channel. Yup, we did created a channel for them where they can say and do things on cam but of course with our supervisions and with some instructions as well.

I think we have created the channel two (2) years ago already and we're just patching some videos from time to time. Basically we only do things when they are free and we have time to do one but most of the time they are not free or rather when me and my wife are free.

So, we're now sharing it with you and hopefully you will subscribe to our kids channel, give a thumbs up, do a comment, and one of the best part ring that bell. Just click the link below to visit the channel.

As a preview to how naughty and hyperactive our kids are a teaser of one of their video.

So, what do you think of them?

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