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Saturday, July 7

Boosting Your Child's Confidence

Perhaps this is one of the struggles of parents like me, how to boost your kid's confidence when he is at his low. For whatever reasons it maybe and perhaps because of their surroundings that affected their self-esteem. In our case with our eldest son, it was hard to crack that shell. It was really a battle of giving him that confidence that he needs.

It started when our son, was on first grade. Perhaps it was because he was the youngest because of his acceleration that made him less confident of himself.

Making him talk in front of the class or when we have visitors is our struggle. We wanted him not to be shy and we did our work small step at a time. Of course us being there makes it easier for him. It was a little by little success.

Seeing this video of a father making his hair bald just to make his daughter understand that even without hair the beauty is still there. The father wanted his daughter to not feel different because of her condition. The little girl suffers from Alopecia.

It's really hard to cope up with life if you don't have anyone to help with you and thanks to Dads like him that understanding the understandable makes it easy.

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