3rd Blogoversary Contest: A Blog & A Baby

At last after a few days of delay I am now launching the 3rd Blogoversary Contest of Daddy Yashiro’s Journal themed as “A Blog and A Baby”. If you were following this blog you have fortunately witnessed our trials and the blessing that came into our life. I am very thankful to God that both my wife and our baby came through safely. So with no further ado, I am now officially launching the… 3rd blogoversaryFINALThe contest will officially run from June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011.  Draw will be on July 2, 2011.

UPDATED June 21,2011

1st Prize - $50.00 through Paypal
2nd Prize - $30.00 through Paypal
3rd Prize - $20.00 through Paypal
Other Special Prizes


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How to join?
Just simply do the following (Take note that these five are the requirements to qualify for the raffle contest each task corresponds with the number of entries.):
1. Take a photo of you, together with your baby / kids or the whole family. Be creative in showing your happy family together. Blog about how you feel about your family. At the end of the blog post place this code below

2. Subscribe to my blog Daddy Yashiro’s Journal email subscription. If you have already subscribed just indicate the email address that you use to subscribe.
3. Join me at Google Connect. If you’re already part of my Google Connect you can just simply indicate the name that you use.
4. Become a fan of Daddy Yashiro’s Journal. Click here.
5. Follow me on Twitter.  Click here
After you have done everything just complete this contest form and submit.

1. Blog post – 5 raffle entries
2. Subscription – 2 raffle entries
3. Joined Google Connect – 1 raffle entry
4. Become a Fan – 1 raffle entry
5. Followed on Twitter – 1 raffle entry

1. Subscribed to Yashirokuru Online!, Kwento ni Toto and Grab Shell Dude – 1 raffle entry each.
2. Joined Google Connect Yashirokuru Online! (I couldn't make the GFC to work on this site), Kwento ni Toto and Grab Shell Dude – 1 raffle entry each.
3. Become a Fan of Yashirokuru Online! – 1 raffle entry.
4. One tweet per account “I joined @YashirosJournal #DaddyYashirosJournal 3rd Blogoversary Contest: A BLOG & A BABY. Join now http://adf.ly/1etoX " – 1 raffle entry.

Participants can earn a total of 18 raffle entries per entrants.

If you feel like sharing the contest badge here it is

3rd Blogoversary contest A BLOG & A BABY

This will be raffled using the usual or common way of doing raffle to make more exciting. I will be recording the raffle and will post it on youtube for the entrants to watch it.  Entrants can only win ONCE, in case the entrants wins twice or thrice the bigger prize will be given to him/her and I will do another raffle for the smaller prize.
After the raffle draw, winners will be notified through their email addresses.
All prizes and rules are subject to change if I may say so. Always check out the updates.

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