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Tuesday, November 18

"Maki's Fever shoots to 39-40 degrees celsius"

After celebrating Maki's birthday, Maki started feeling irritated and not in the mood and later on started having fever.

Saturday night his went up to 39 degrees Celsius. We did everything that we could to lower down his fever. Put wet towel on his forehead, give medicine, and even suppository just to lower down his fever. It was dawn when his fever lower down to 37.5 degrees Celsius. But still, his not feeling well.

The whole Sunday was not that joyful and giggly because Maki still not well enough. We thought he was going to be alright then. It was 7:00 pm when my wife check on Maki. He was hot. We check his temperature it was 39 degrees Celsius. We thought the thermometer was broke so we bought a new one and still the same. Like what we did the night before, medicine and wet towel. My mother and mother-in-law helped us just to lower down Maki's fever.

The worst . . . his temperature shoot to 40 degrees Celsius. We tried to contact his pedia but we couldn't contact her. So just to lessen the fever we take turns in damping towel to Maki and on his forehead.

It was dawn when we contacted his doctor she was in a convention in Palawan, she just gave instruction and what to do.

Morning we went to the doctor for check up and he was given some medicines and the doctor instructed to go to the laboratory for test to make sure. So we got to the laboratory and finished the test. Took it the doctor and thank God it was okay. The doctor just instructed us for the medicines.

I took a day off to take of Maki.

On the following day I went to work. My wife texted me that Maki's measles just came out. So that's the reason of his high fever.

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