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Wednesday, November 19

"Reviewing Websites: Deal it with ExtraDime!"

Holidays are coming and I'm sure most of us are saving those extra dimes to spent for gifts and other things that we need. Specially the gifts for the little ones who's looking forward for these season.

To buy this gifts we either shop at the mall or order it on TV shopping networks, which we don't get much of anything in return for buying something from them. Think of another way that will make shopping easier, fun, enjoyable and most of all provides something in return like earning opportunity or bonuses. So why not consider doing shopping online.

An online shop that offers great bargains and financial deals such as bank sign up bonuses, credit card cash back offers, 0% credit for purchases, and a whole lot more. You think its a dud? Think again... deal it on ExtraDime.

ExtraDime has a variety of products with huge discounts in brands like Sketchers, Diapers,, Pizza Hut, Dell,, and many more.

What interests me most is their revenue sharing which provides opportunity by giving a free ad space for every members post. Through ExtraDime's forum discussion you can share advertising space with other members.

Also, one of their attraction is their color post icons which can easily be notice by visitors and quickly detects discounts for product of interest.

The most intriguing of all is ExtraDime's search interface which can find the best prices, product reviews, ratings, and most of all the great and variety of discounts.

To think that this is their last offer... think more. They still has something to offer. To make it easier for you to possibly track down the best discount a tag cloud is available on the homepage so you could easily click those products with huge discounts. They also reward customers for bringing new hot deals in the message board through the Member activity Appreciation Program. There's more, ExtraDime offers advances credit card grouping and sorting system (here)that allows members to sort all major credit cards by the value of sign-up bonuses and a typical annual cashback bonus (here). Now. are you convinced to go shopping online?

Deal it with ExtraDime!

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