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Wednesday, December 30

"New Years Resolution for Parents"

Since the year will end and new one will come I would like to share this to all the parents who will be reading or is already this blog entry. I got this from my weekly doze of tips on kids and everything about parenting from

So to all parents this should be our New Year's Resolution and I find it doable. And besides this resolution will sure develop our kids to be a better man in the future.

• Not yell so much

• Stop using threats to keep your
kindergartner or grade-schooler in line

• Be more loving — and find other ways to help your
5-year-old or 6- to 8-year-oldfeel good about himself

• Slow down and really
listen to your child

• Give each of your children the
one-on-one time he deserves

• Find more family time

• Plan
fun outings more often

• Read more with your child — whether he's a
beginning, intermediate, oradvanced reader

• Watch
less TV

• Make
healthier meals

• Encourage your child's relationship with grandparents

• Share your beliefs with your child and — if
religion or spirituality is important to your family — make them part of your family life, traditions, and rituals

Nurture yourself so that you can better nurture your child

So I will and will forcefully do all this things, so help me GOD!.


"What have I done in "09?"

One more day and the year of the calendar will change again. Another year had passed. What have we done? Just another question that popped into my head while looking all the clutter in our house. Yeah what have I done this 2009? Thinking of it, I don't even have a checklist of the things that I have done and have not.

So relying on my memory and analyzing all the outputs as I can recall, it seems that I haven't accomplished much. Maybe it's about time to jot down some things that I wanted to accomplish.


Tuesday, December 29

"Well Again"

Well again! After a few days of being sick now I'm well again and still hook up with the net. Anyway just want say to everyone that... don't get sick if you want to enjoy everything.


Monday, December 28

"Monday Rush : Still Sick"

Monday rush already and I'm still sick. Thank goodness I filed my leave already so I'm all on vacation mode until next year. Hehehe! Monday rush and I thought I'm free of rushing but my wife is on rush today. She's on leave today also because our little Maki has to be brought to the doctor he still hasn't recovered yet from his illness. So that's why my wife is on rush.


Sunday, December 27

"Daddy Day Care : Caring for Dad"

Hi folks yesterday was supposed to be Daddy Day Care time but fortunately I wasn't able to write something. Reason for this is Daddy got sick. So Daddy Day Care became Care for Dad. Until now Daddy is still weak and at this moment I still got body aches. Whew! I hate it when I got sick.

Tips when sick! For you and your kids own good!

  • Make sure to drink a lot of water when you are sick. This will make your body hydrated .
  • Never made contact with your kids. Though they got shots for diseases or fortified with lots of vitamins still it's your duty to make your kids away from such sickness or diseases.
  • Always have an extra shirts besides you. Sweats are good indication.
  • If it still doesn't subside it's about time to go to the doctor.

These are just things that I always do when I am sick. You can follow this if you want or you can just see your doctor immediately if you feel sick. Still the best defense is to make your body healthy.



Friday, December 25

"Thanksgiving Contest"

I find this contest from or commonly known as "Online Mommy's Corner". This is indeed a very nice way to share God's love and blessings. By counting your blessing and letting others know how God abundantly bless and guide us. I'm moved by this deed of mommy mylene.

God has graciously provided all that we need He never fail on doing it. Also He always show us the way and lead us to all the answers of our problem. He's always there, though sometimes I fail on thanking him and doing what is ought to do by a Christian. God truly loves us and here are some of the blessings I'm thankful of.

Counting my blessings for this year:
*My employment contract for this year was renewed.

*Stones from my kidney was detected as early as possible and was treated using shockwave.

*My wife easily finds a job which was much closer to our house.

*We were able to give Maki a fun and joyful 2nd birthday.

*I was able to earn money through blogging which was really a great help when we badly needed some money.

*We were able to pay some of our debts.

*That me and my family were safe during the calamities.

*Most important is that our family are together and celebrating Christmas which was a present from God showing how much He love us.

This list is just a portion of God's blessings. So if you want to join and be thankful of all your blessings visit Mommy Mylene's Thanksgiving Contest, it's a good start to be thankful.

Thanksgiving Contest

1st Prize
1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
1 Year dot com Domain chosen by the winner – Trends Zone
Personalized Template* – Random Thoughts of a WAHM
Site Button / Badge – All About Elizabeth
Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions
$10 Paypal Funds – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
$5 Paypal Funds – IT Mommy Info
1 year Featured link – bloghitlist
4000 EC – Dothyâ��s World
2000 EC – The Mommy Journey
2000 EC - Her and History
1000 EC – Our Adventure Together
1000 EC – Thoughts and Obsessions
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – IT Mommy Info
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125×125 ad space for 3 months (PR 1) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
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2nd Prize
1 Year Free Hosting – Rubz Online
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$10.00 Paypal Funds – I love Darly
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2000 EC – The Movie Mommy
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3rd Prize
Site Badge Button – All About Elizabeth
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1 year Featured link- bloghitlist
$5 - Crayons and Pencil
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1000 EC – Inspirational Insights
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1000 EC – Tasty Exploration
125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Home Buddies
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125×125 ad space for 1 month – Travelin’ With Marie



I just want to greet everyone a MERRY, BLESSED & WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS. May the Lord Bless us all as we celebrate the birth of Christ. Share the love and spirit of Christmas to everyone.


Wednesday, December 23

"Thoughts for Today"

I was just thankful today that me and my officemates were able to travel back to Manila as early as possible. Since this is the last day of work before Christmas most people are already traveling back to their respective provinces to spend the holidays.

While traveling I was able to have a glimpse of the traffic north bound. Vehicles are cuing on toll plazas of the expressway. Can you imagine all those vehicles cuing more than one kilometer.

Anyway I just pray for those people returning to their provinces to keep their cool and may God bless their travel.


"Days Before Christmas"

Ahh! One more day and its Christmas Eve already. Time really flies fast this days. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were cooking for the Christmas Eve. Christmas is really a season where everyone is looking forward for. For this Maki will be celebrating his 3rd Christmas but this time it's different. First thing that Maki did was he stripped off all the decorations of the Christmas Tree. What left of it are the Star at the top and the Christmas Lights. Right now we haven't put any gifts under the tree because he might open it immediately if he saw those gifts. So we will just put it there on Christmas Eve. I'm sure this Christmas will be different for us!


Monday, December 21

"Monday Rush : Dull Office"

Though holidays are good for people there are some things that is not good about having holidays. Especially when everyone has gone for vacation except you. The only negative about this is when you get to work when everyone is already cheering and enjoying the season.

Right now, most of the staff in our office has already started their holiday season by filing their vacation leaves and others are just not in the mood to go to work anymore. Who in world would still got some energy to do their works when their minds are already set for the holiday. Right!

This morning though there's still some staff who are doing their works and some stuff still you cannot leave out the feeling that everyone are on holiday mood already. Aside from having two or four personnel in the office you can also see that most of the works are already minimal. So the Monday Rush is in no rush for this season. Anyway it's just a few more days to go and it'c Christmas already.


Sunday, December 20

"Preschooler Developmental Delay"

An information to all parents so you'd better have a peek or glimpse of this article. As usual I have my weekly doze of tips and information from This few weeks I wasn't able to post any of the tips and information I got from, first, reason is that I haven't been reading some of the articles from that site, second, I'm all used up and my times seems a bit shorter than before, third, I'm busy planning to gain more earning opportunities. Anyway that's all part of us growing and thinking for our children.

According to the article in preschoolers develop in different stages. Some may have develop early like pronouncing words clearly and some may have develop the love for music, whichever or whatever stage they develop as long as it is still in that range they are still don't have the developmental delay. Like in Maki's case, right now he hasn't fully pronounce one word clearly but his good in some cases like setting his things in an orderly manner. It's more likely an "OC". Anyway I'm just thankful that he hasn't any development delay.

These things can't be detected as early as possible but to make sure you should have some time with your kids especially in their development stage.


Saturday, December 19

"Daddy Day Care : Simbang Gabi?"

Today is another Daddy Day Care on a Christmas season. This morning we were supposed to go to the Dawn Church Service but due to the cold weather, tired and to sleepy to get up we weren't able to go to church. I don't when will be able to go the dawn church service but I just hope that we could at least attend one dawn church service.

Here in the Philippines December 16 is the start of the "Simbang Gabi or Madaling Araw" (Eve Church Service or Dawn Church Service). This church eve or dawn service is the start of the Christmas Season.

Now back to our day. As usual Maki and I were left alone in the house. The Lolo and Lola hasn't come home from the Church Dawn Service, so all left for us to do is play, watch, and do our chores.

We were watching some programs from one of the TV networks in the Philippines and it is titled "Kulilits". I find Maki interested on how they present some stories. Maybe Maki need some more story tellings from us. The story is about the birth of Jesus. We haven't told much stories to him lately. Maybe today I'll buy some story book for Maki.


Friday, December 18

"Christmas Parties"

Parties...parties... and parties. Christmas season really holds a lot of parties. From office to friends and to others. Raffles and presentations. And the best part is foods lots of foods. Isn't it nice! Hehehe!


Thursday, December 17

"How Tall Will Your Child Be?"

Just read an email from Their topic is "How Tall Will Your Child Be?" Of course most of the Dads will want their kids to be a Six Footer. A good playing six footer inside the court perhaps. But still there are circumstances that will still affect the growth of our kids. Maybe some is because of deficiencies in their growth hormones or some is just natural for them to grow tall or not so tall. So by that we should be very assertive on all the foods that our kids eat. So if you want to know how tall will your child be just click this link. HOW TALL WILL YOUR CHILD BE?


Wednesday, December 16

"When It Rains It Pours....."

Have you tried or have you experienced an overwhelming flow of unwanted events? Well, I have and it really pours down on me very very hard. It was the time that you thought everything was well "A" okay but it turned out that it's not what you think it is. Right now what I do is meaningless. The good thing that has been done is tainted with a black dot. Which only implies that no matter how right and how perfect my actions are still the dark spot still noticeable. Regardless of the number of right still the tainted spot still and will remain.

If only....


Tuesday, December 15

"Wedding Anniversary"

It's our Wedding Anniversary today! Four years of togetherness. Four years of mixed emotions and everything that holds to what we are now. By God's continues love, we endure everything and with our son the journey of life goes on.


Sunday, December 13

"Sunday Message : Opportunities in Disquise"

Actually I wasn't able to attend church today for some reason that need to be dealt before anything else. While browsing the net and blog hopping I noticed this simple graphics from "me and my cup of joe". At first it was just a simply written words which I thought something that he just posted for whatever reason. Out of curiosity, I read the lines and it says "THINK OF PROBLEMS AS OPPORTUNITIES IN DISGUISE.". Come to think of it it is really like that.

God doesn't give us problems or trials that we cannot handle. The only reason why it became so heavy is because we don't let God help us carry that burden. We often thought that we always need to work it out with a plan. A plan that we course out without the intervention of God.

If you will look at it very closely, problems are always there no matter what we do it's always present. And that is what God has been using to lead us right back to his arms. God's plan is far beyond our concept. So always think that "Problems are not an enemy but think of it as God's disguise to get the goal we are hoping for."


Saturday, December 12

"Daddy Day Care : Trinoma Mall"

Today is our Daddy day care but this time it's together with Mommy. Mommy was able to join us today.

Our adventure today is at Trinoma Mall in North EDSA. One of the malls along the Metro Railway Transit. This mall is linked with the MRT. This is much more convenient with the commuters because they can already went directly to the mall after from the long day work and a few minutes of rush hour.

The mission to here is to buy gift for the Lolos and Lolas and of course a gift for Maki also. One more thing Mommy's clothes, which really took most of the time. Anyway and at least we were able to get some of Mommy's clothes. In the end we only got Mommy's clothes and nothing more (I think) because the gift of Lolo and Lola were not bought including Maki's gift.

That was tiring and yet fun stroll in the mall. Maki love sliding with those shiny and slippery tiles in the mall. As if he was surfing the wave. Well that cuts off our day and went home.


"Greeting Cards from Mommy Gen"

I just got the package from Mommy Gen of, five set of greeting card. I won this from a contest online. At first I didn't know that I won some prizes from Her and History's Contest. I was hesitant when Mommy Gen ask for my mailing address so I ask her why and she explained that I won some prizes from Her and History's Contest (that was all in a messages in Entrecard). So when I've read that I won without any hesitation I immediately sent her my home mailing address. That was last month.

Last week or last last week, which ever it is, my mother received a card notice from the central post office informing me that I have a package. There was no details on what and from whom was the package all it is written there are the counter where to pick it up, date until they return it to the sender and the my name on it. I only got a hint that it was Mommy Gen's package because I don't have or no one that I know that is going to send stuffs or package for me.

So yesterday I went to the central post office and picked up the package. As I expected it was from Mommy Gen. I didn't opened it until I get home. Once I get home I took a picture and here it is.
The greeting cards are wonderful!


Friday, December 11

"Friday Holiday"

Today is Friday and we don't have any work at Pampanga. It's Pampanga Day! Another holiday! Another long weekend. Though the week really wasn't very good. There are lots of problem came and I don't know if I can still hold on and manage to cope up. More of which are from where I spent most of my time every week. But anyway it's Friday, start of the weekend. At least no worries for now, "Hakuna Matata" the best line of Timon and Pumba of the Lion King.
So happy weekend and may the Lord God bless us all!


Wednesday, December 9

"Accident While Taking Care of Maki"

Just this morning my wife texted me and informed me that Maki and his Lolo met an accident leaving his Lolo with bruises on his forehead, elbow and knee. Fortunately Maki didn't got any bruises because hi Lolo hurriedly save him from getting the accident.

We haven't got any Nanny for Maki lately some of them were forced to return to their province due to personal matter and others, well we kind of don't like the way they take care of Maki. So in order for Maki to be taken care off, we left him with the Lolos and Lolas but eventually Maki was to hyper and to active for them to catch up.

So this is our problem lately and until now we haven't found anyone to be Maki's Nanny. Though there are lots of agencies you can look for or even recommended by our friends but still it's too hard to find a Nanny that will really take care of the child.

For the meantime, still the Lolos and Lolas will still be the one to take care of Maki until we find a Nanny.


"Survey Time : To Pacify or Not to Pacify"

It seems that our last survey regarding diapers wasn't very interesting for the moms. Only two bloggers responded with the survey, one answered comfort and the other one is Quality and Price. Oh well at least someone responded.

Now let's have another survey I hope this will be interesting to parent bloggers. The survey will be to pacify of not to pacify. Will you let your babies use pacifier or not?

Will you use pacifier for your babies or not?
Yes to pacifier
No to pacifier free polls


Tuesday, December 8

"Fireworks Display"

Whenever you a see a fireworks display you would say WOW! And that's what my officemate's racket this year. His selling fireworks! I did watch their teasers and I also get the same expression when I see those fireworks. WOW!

We love to watch fireworks displays. Their company will be having a fireworks display on December 18 (I think) right after the Lantern Parade in UP Diliman. So if you want to know of see some of their products you can watch the fireworks display in UP Diliman. I will be posting the products next time so if you want to buy some just contact me. I will also post their teaser here.


Monday, December 7

"Making Things Possible"

This past few days there are things that you wished could have happened but eventually it didn't. There's a small problem that really annoys me very much. This problem is so irritating. I should have had it earlier but uncertain problems occur which affects the realization of that certain thing. I just hope that it will be for sure this week to have it solve.


Saturday, December 5

"Yashiro's Dropaholics"

Since I started taking advantage of the Entrecard perks I haven't given credits to all bloggers who have dropped and visited this blog. So to recognize them I will be posting top ten droppers every now and then to let them know that I am grateful for their visit. Again to all the top ten droppers thank you.


Friday, December 4


Thank God it's Friday. I think this expression is the common term of all yuppies and even the older ones who works five days a week. Especially the working Dads. This is the day where they can set their mood for the weekend activity with their kids. Of course me! Hehehe! So let the day end and set the mood for tomorrow!


Wednesday, December 2

"DMS : New Word To Learn"

I got this new word that I’ve stumbled upon inside the World Wide Web. Actually it’s not a word but an acronym. It’s an acronym commonly used in med school in other words it’s a medical term. At first I thought it was a typographical error but when I read along the lines I figured it was part of the sentence that it is spelled like that. The word is dms which stands for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Sounds different right! If you’re a med student you can easily figured it out but for an ordinary people like me… well I don’t usually stumble on extraordinary words. So it’s more like an alien to me. Anyway it's nice to learn new words and stuff most especially if it regards medicines and med school.


"New Face of Yashiro"

I haven't started the changes here on this blog. I'm having a hard time making it. Some of the plan were already finished but the implementation may take long. So everyone better stay tuned and watch out for the changes.


Monday, November 30

"Monday Rush : Holiday"

Today is holiday here in the Philippines. Thank goodness I don't have to prepare and rush to work! LOL! Anyway the day is okay and I was able to accomplish some things in the house. A little cabinet for the kitchen is enough to store some of the things that need to be stored. This is to keep them from being reached by Maki. You'll never know what he might grab in an instance. So lets just be very cautious and make everything in the house child friendly.


Sunday, November 29

"Looking for a House and Lot to Buy"

Looking for a house that fits your lifestyle and your budget is really a hard one. Especially if your budget is limited. More often people get into deeper debt because of too expensive house and lot because average earners tends to get the high end class houses. Though their earnings is enough to pay for the mortgage and everything still it's not enough to support the lifestyle they are getting into.

So, if looking for a dream house try to look for simpler and budget safe houses that you can develop later on. It is much easier that way.

In our case, we are in the process of looking and scouting for a better house, nice budget and of course flood-free. Flood-free is the number one factor to consider here in our place. People are becoming cautious after that typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.

Up to now we haven't got the three factors. We found one yesterday. The house is good and the location is very very good it's an upland so flood is no worry at all, even land slide is safe. But the only factor that hinders is the budget. Our combine salary is not enough to be approved on the bracketing of PAG-IBIG. I really like the place. Maybe we will try to look for another place or an option to get that housing loan. But of course we will have to think it thrice or more if we can really get it. For now we're still scouting that fits all the three requirements. Dream HOUSE, LOCATION, and BUDGET!


Saturday, November 28

"Daddy Day Care : Medicine Problem"

Today is Saturday, another Daddy Day Care but thank God today is Mommy's day off. She didn't switch her day off. So, in other words both of us will be taking care of Maki.

Last week Maki had a fever. His Mommy bring him to the doctor and it was find out that the cause of his fever was phlegm. So the doctor gave Maki medicines to take.

In our past days with Maki being sick, giving him medicines is not our problem but this time its a riot. We can't even get him to sip in the medicine cup. We have tried everything that we know without any force but he keep on resisting. And because of that we resort to on course of action for him to drink his medicines that is by force. We forced him to drink his medicines which I think will only caused him trauma in taking his medicines. Hay! How can we make Maki drink his medicine without resorting to extreme force.

To all parents out there, do you have any better ways to make your kids drink and take their medicines. If you do have kindly share it and help us with our problem. God's day to all!


Friday, November 27

"Not So General Cleaning"

Today is Friday and I'm still on leave. Enjoying the five day special emergency leave. The special leave was granted due to the typhoon ondoy and pepeng. This is to give employees a chance to clean and fix their houses which was damaged by the typhoons. And for those who are not directly affected by the typhoon a chance to clean the house and do whatever they want. So, mine is just a not so general cleaning of the house. If I do the general cleaning, well it might take weeks before I finished the general cleaning. That's why I just said it's a not so general cleaning. Just to fix and clean some stuff in the house that needs to be done. So I'll just enjoy cleaning the house. Good day!


Tuesday, November 24

"Sweet Tooth"

Our little Maki hasn't grown all his teeth. When we last visited our Ninang Meng, who is a dentist, at his age his teeth was supposed to be almost complete already but it seems that his teeth development is much slower. I just pray that his teeth would be stronger as my teeth. Maki turned two last October and by that age it should have grown his canine teeth already. So what do you think? What's your experience with your kid?


Monday, November 23

"Monday Rush : Not So Rush Anymore"

Another day that I managed to wake up early. But this time I was waking up from time to time to check on our little kid. Maki has fever we don't know if he was growing some tooth. Anyway I pray that he will get well soon.

I was really still sleepy while on the jeepney. Since my travel to the meeting place is 20 to 30 minutes away, I still have time to at least take a nap. It was near already when I woke up and it is just in time before I reach the jeepney stop. Now that's the good thing of waking up early. Maybe I should do that frequently to avoid being late. LOL!


Sunday, November 22

"Rest for a While"

A good day rest is indeed a recharging one. Though I'm taking care of our little boy I was able to rest today. Without any thoughts of work and other matters except for little kids health. But still, it's a good thing to rest once in a while. Maybe next time a good relaxing massage will do.


"Another Tiring Saturday"

Yesterday was a very tiring day. The day started very early. Though I was so very sleepy I still have to wake up, work and do my tasks. It's another medical mission but this time it's in Tarlac City. This is the last for this year. Though all things was prepared very late we still manage to make it hours before the day of the activity. Preparing it was not that easy especially this days that a certain office is dealing with all the expenses of the company. I just don't know why that office is like that when there's supposed to be a bigger fish to fry. Anyway the show must go on!

The day seems easy and tasks seems so light. There's no heavy thought or burden on completing the tasks. I just pray that every activity should feel that way in order to fully do your whole capacity. Time really tick fast and time to end the day to give us some time to rest for we have done a task wholeheartedly. Good day!


Friday, November 20

"Busy Friday"

Another Friday night that I will be missing my little kid and my wife of course. Our office were I work will be having a medical mission again and this time it's in Tarlac City. We have to make sure that all supplies needed for the medical mission on Saturday is all accounted and ready for dispatch.

Anyway it's a good thing that I was able to stay in our house yesterday and sleep together with my son and my wife. So I'll just make it up tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 18

"Changes and Everything Nice"

It's been months since some of the top bloggers commented on my Yashiro Blog and all their comments have been the basis for some of the changes here. Since I really do wanted to make this blog a good one and an informative blog for others I'll be making another changes here starting this week. So little by little I'll putting some updates and changes.

For those who have just visit this and read this blog post better watch for this changes and for those who have been consistently following this blog, thanks and more will come. Just like my motto "Life is full of surprises so always expect the unexpected."


Tuesday, November 17

"Survey Time : Diapers"

This is something new here Yashiro. I'll be putting up some survey from time to time and I'm requesting my followers and other bloggers who just come by to participate in this survey.

For now, our Survey is about diapers. Not about which brand of diapers to use but what do mommy bloggers prefer or their consideration in buying diapers for their kids and babies. So to all mommy bloggers and of course daddy bloggers who take care of their kids and babies please do participate in this survey.

I'll publish the result once I get it.

In buying diapers what do you take into consideration?
Quality and Price
Price and Comfort
Quantity and Price free polls


Monday, November 16

"Win Money From Mukhang Pera"

It's Mukhang Pera's birthday on the 26th of November and to celebrate his birthday his hosting a contest on his blog.

Cash are at stake:


1st Prize – $15
2nd Prize – $10
3rd Prize – $5

You can visit Mukhang Pera for the full details of the contest.

The birthday contest will end on November 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM GMT +8. Anybody is free to join this contest unless prohibited by country or state laws. The winners will be chosen randomly using Luck of the Draw application. Drawing will be done on November 27, 2009. The winner will be contacted through email and I should receive a confirmation reply within 7 days or prize will be forfeited. The prize will be given via Paypal.


"Monday Rush : Early For the First Time"

For the very first time we were first who came in the office and thank God we're not late. Though I woke up almost 5:30 in the morning and my things are not yet packed I was able to or managed to cope up with the lost time. Five minutes before seven we were in NLEX already just enough time to get to Clark before 8:00 AM. I prayed that this will continue till the end of my contract or till I resign. Hahaha!


Sunday, November 15

"Pacquiao and Cotto' Fight to Watch or Not to Watch"

Today will be Pacquiao and Cotto's big fight. I'll be watching it today. The only problem that I have today is will I let Maki watch it too or keep him away and let him sleep or watch other movie on the other house. I don't want to miss watching this fight because this will be another in boxing especially if Pacman wins this bout. It will be his seventh belt from different divisions. Aside from him being the number one pound for pound fighter.

Now back to my sons case, at his age he can easily mimic actions so if I let him watch Pacquiao and Cotto's fight he might start punching other kids. Maybe I'll just talk to him while we're watching. I just pray that he won't mimic the punching thing.


Saturday, November 14

"Another Failed Contest"

This past months has been the month contests from different bloggers and it seems that my contest has been outcast. One reason for sure is the minimal prizes and lack of sponsors. Second is that I have not advertise it very much and my activity in Entrecard and other forums has been minimal also which makes it less noticed.

So today I am announcing that the "MAKI TURNS 2 BLOG CONTEST" is failed contest and I'm cancelling it. For those who have joined and participated thank you very much! Don't worry I have a surprised for those who have joined as consolation for the effort in joining in my contest. I prayed that you'll stick around in my blog.

Again thank you!


"My Sister's Wedding"

Today is my sister's wedding and everyone in the house is so busy preparing for the occasion. Of course Maki will be there as the ring bearer. I just pray he'll behave tomorrow. Anyway for now, this is just my post because I'm still busy doing some preparations also. I'm one of the EMCEE tomorrow and also I'm preparing some of the checklist of tasks and things to bring this afternoon. So... this is for now!


Friday, November 13

"Manila Ocean Park Adventure"

After almost two weeks of thinking and conceptualizing of which part of our journey will I tell, now I finally made up my mind and decided to tell and write it all up. Though I know that it will for sure going to be long.

So to start with it a background of our plan. Since that weekend is going to be long we planned it to go to Manila Ocean Park on October 31 so that we will have a lot of time to rest after it but unfortunately the weather didn't get along so postponed the plan set it on the 2nd of November which was declared as a holiday. Whoopi! So it was set then.

At last the set date has come. The weather is great for an outdoor activity and nothing seems to stop us that day. So we prepared everything that we need and set out to Luneta, which is where we are going to start to walk up to Manila Ocean Park. Actually I'm not sure of the place, all I know is that the place is behind the Quirino Grand Stand and Quirino Grand Stand is just near Luneta.

We arrived at Luneta early afternoon. We let Maki run around the place because it was his first time to be there. We took some shots of our family and some shots of the place also. The walk to the Grand Stand is really nice especially for Maki. He sees a lot of new things. He had a chance to have a face to face with a real life horse carrying a carriage. He also see a replica of Thomas the train. All around him was something new and his in awe in all of it. The walk was long but it was relaxing enough especially with that sceneries.

Since we got there early afternoon and we hadn't got our lunch we decided to eat in a restaurant near Manila Ocean Park. The food was great and we had a full stomach.

After that sumptuous meal we head straight to the Manila Ocean Park entrance. Mommy went straight to the cashier and paid for the entrance fee. We thought Maki would be free but unfortunately he surpasses their height limit which is 2 feet. So Mommy will still have to pay for Maki. So we got the tickets all four of us, Mommy, Maki, and Lola Lolit.

to be continued.....


Wednesday, November 11

"Games that I like to Watch"

I’m not much of a fan of any soccer or football team but I love to watch soccer. I love the thrill every time these players try to make a goal. There’s always excitement and the rush of blood every time the goalie block those kicks. I find this one site that is interesting and I know for sure that all Manchester United fans are more willing to view at this site. All Manchester United Highlights are featured on this site, their plays and their games. Giving all Manchester United fans a peek of what had happened from their previous plays and games.


Monday, November 9

"Monday Rush: 5:45"

This morning is another rush hour for me. Another Monday morning and another Monday rush. Rush day because I woke up around 5:45 in the morning which I was supposed to wake up at 5:00 A.M. Fortunately I was able to catch up with the staff service. Thanks to the ever reliable king of the road drivers, I got to Highway at around 6:35. If you're wondering how I manage to get it all done in less than an hour, well I don't even know that I was that fast.

I just hope that Mondays shouldn't be that rushed again!


Sunday, November 8

"Overcoming Frustrations"

At last we were able to attend today's Church Activity that was after three Sundays of not coming to Church. That's thanks to GOD! Also this is one of the Sunday's that we were able to listen to the whole Message without any interruption from Maki. Why? Well let's just say that Maki was to tired to poke out his eyes and do his hyperactive thing. In short Maki fall asleep before we came to the Church. That's a good thing!

So, today's Message was about "Overcoming Frustrations". Sounds familiar and it's timely. It's somewhat hit me directly! Well, if you have read my previous post it's something like that. Anyway the whole thing focuses on people's frustrations. People do feel frustrated many times and you're not human if you don't get frustrated especially if you don't get those things that you wanted.

Frustration is not bad but what makes it bad is how you face or deal with it. If you get frustrated and you start blaming or cursing others then that's something that is not good. The best thing to deal with frustration is turn it to GOD. Just like the story of our Pastor about his mother.

They have a neighbor who happens to be a church goer and who owns a store. One day they run out of rice to cook for dinner. His father hasn't got their salary yet so they don't have anything for dinner. Our Pastor was instructed by his mother to borrow one kilograms of rice to their neighbor. This is their first time to borrow. So he did go there! And when he came back he got nothing because the owner don't want to lend some rice for them. So his mother got frustrated and just said to him to get contented with some bread and left over cooked rice. When our Pastor finished eating he went to his mother and saw that she was praying to GOD about her frustrations. On that night they heard sirens. Their neighbors store was on fire and everything was burned down to ashes and the mystery about it is that their neighbors store was the only one burned.

Frustrations do come to us in different types, different angle and different time but the good news about it is that GOD is always there for us.

To give a better picture about the frustrations and problems that we are facing. Here is an illustration about it. I only got this in an email from a friend. I just pray that this could help visualize GODs role in our life.

GODs role


"Preschooler Tantrums"

Hushing your preschooler while having tantrums sure is tiring. Yesterday was the most tiring tantrums Maki ever had. I think he cried for almost 30 minutes. He wanted to turn on and off the DVD Player which is not a toy for him play with. Thanks to his Lola Mommy she was able to make him calm and watch some movie.

That was the most worst tantrum he ever had. It's really hard to pacify him when he tantrums like that and it is also very tiring. Whew! Thanks to her Lola!


Thursday, November 5

"Australian Souvenirs"

After a long day at work I decided to relieve my stress in one of the amusement area in the mall. Capturing stuffed toys is one of my favorite machines to play at. Aside from it being a stress reliever it is also a cool present for my kid. That is if I can catch any of the toys lying inside the machine.

Gladly, I managed to catch one of the toys. The one I got is a tiger, a red cute little tiger. Too bad there’s no other toy to catch. If there would be any other toy I would really like Maki to have one of those kangaroo or the koala for his collection.

Aside from being cute these Koala and Kangaroos are commonly seen in Australia and the country is known for this kind of animals. I really don’t know why there’s a lot of kangaroos and koala in Australia but they are sure cute and lovely to look at. Maybe when I get to visit Australia I will get one of those Australia Souvenirs to take home and give it to Maki as a present. Especially the Koala and Kangaroo plush toys offered online for a cheaper prize. I bet Maki would love to play with those fluffy soft and cuddly plush toys.

So if I couldn't get it I'll just have to get it on They offer a wide variety of toys and souvenirs from Australia.


"Worst Day"

Today is another count for my worst day list. Adding up another bad experience in my life! I think this could be considered as one of those days that just suddenly came out of nothing then it grew to something tremendous that you couldn't easily bear.

If you have an old mouse that have a rolling ball underneath it, try to look at it? Did you noticed on the rollers the thick pile of dirt that most of the time causes your mouse to respond differently. Well, my situation as of today is like that. A piled up days that made me decide to push through a decision that I have been contemplating for the past few months. Maybe it's about time to make a very hard decision.

It's like sailing. Preparing for the voyage is not so easy because you'll have to make sure that all you need is well accounted. Pushing the boat offshore means tata or good bye because you'll never know when or if you'll ever be coming back. At first it may be subtle but as soon as the waves starts clashing and wind starts whooping your sail to different direction then you'll realize that it is hard to go offshore. You'll be missing the land. For sure it will be missed.

The trap has been and I'll just have to wait till they bit the bait.


Wednesday, November 4

"Senior Care Services of Broward County Florida"

horizon care servicehorizon care servicehorizon care servicehorizon care service

Most of the Senior citizens who came out of any hospital or health facilities don’t have anyone to take care of them. Most of their relatives are either in their work or in their house taking care of the children. In this manner there’s a company that provide services for the Senior Citizens or the Elders. It is called the Home Health Care Services Broward County Florida. They cater Senior Citizens in Florida who needs attention after their confinement in a health facility. Caring is what they do and their good at it. So if you’re living in Florida and you got some oldies who wants to be taken care of after their hospitalization this is the right company to look for.

Tuesday, November 3


Due to body aches and tiring day yesterday, I woke up late this morning and I was really late at work. Add up the heavy traffic that we caught along EDSA plus we were slowed down by the highway patrol. Whew what a day!

Right now I'm having a hard time making a blog post about what we did yesterday. First, my head is aching. Second, I'm somewhat not in the mood to write ups or anything right now. So I might as well write about it later to get a good story about yesterday.


Monday, November 2

"At Last Manila Ocean Park"

Thanks to the good weather, our family was able to go to Manila Ocean Park and had a very good time. Manila Ocean Park is worth visiting. Right now I'll just blog about this pursued plan. This was supposed to be done last Saturday but because of the weather we weren't able to pursue it. We end up strolling the mall. Anyway we had it pursued today and it was tiring but it was fun.


"Holiday Family Out"

A Monday holiday and I was hoping that we could do our planned activity this morning. A day at the Manila Ocean's Park together with my family. I just hope that I'll be able to wake up early today!


Sunday, November 1

"Daddy Day Care : Brownout!"

Yesterday was supposed to be Daddy Day Care posting and we are supposed to have fun at the Manila Ocean's Park. We already had our plans for that day but because of some situation and the weather we were forced to cancel it and stayed in the house. And also because of some events that happened I wasn't able to post any blog post. To be exact with the events and situation here it is.

First is the weather, typhoon Santi hit land (specifically Manila) evening the other night. From night till dawn the rain hasn't stopped and there were also strong winds that caused the roofs to make clanking sound. So we thought that if the typhoon stopped in the morning and the weather is already okay will head to Manila Ocean's Park but if not, we'll just have to confide ourselves in the comfort of our house.

Second is the electricity, at around 5 AM (I think) the power just been turned off. I don't know the reason but since it was already raining and the typhoon already hit Manila I think that may have caused the power failure. So, we have nothing to do about that. Poor Maki no electric fan but thank God it was cold enough to keep us all asleep till morning.

Because there was no electricity Maki begun having tantrums. He wanted to watch a movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks" but because of the situation he can't watch any movies. Though we have told him that there was no electricity he still insisted and pushed the DVD player's buttons. He even checked the lights (maybe he wanted to really check if there were really no electricity.). Still not convinced he went to his Lolo (to my fathers place) and checked if they have electricity. Maki pointed to their DVD Player and pushed the "ON" button, when it did not opened he pointed the socket and asked his Lolo to plug the DVD Player (he already know if it is on or not). So when nothing came out, he begun crying. So just to keep him from crying Lolo carried him and went to buy "Lugaw" and bread. They went out still carrying the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" DVD.

The electricity went out the whole day making kids restless. So we decided to just go to the mall together with Maki's cousin Raphael and his Tita Felisa. We stroll around, play, eat, and buy some things that we need to buy. This is just to make the kids occupied and at least have some fun.

We stayed there until 7 PM (I think)and had our dinner at a fast food chain which Maki love to watch their show (I think it ended already for another season). Too bad we didn't know that the mall were having a costume party for the kids. Maki should have worn his Mushi King costume.
mushi king costume
Anyway we had our fun though we're so very tired keeping the kids.

Third is tired and exhausted, because of the day I was so tired to make a blog post. Being with Maki at the mall really is very tiring. Even Mommy is all hands up with Maki when it comes to Maki's hyper activity.

So that's it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Saturday, October 31

"Rain... Rain... Go... Away!"

Right now I'm still awake doing my online chores. And at this moment the rain is heavily pouring on our roof just like a tic tac of a thousand clocks. It is earlier said that typhoon Santi will hit Manila midnight, I don't know if it is signal no. 2 or signal no. 3. Which ever it is I just hope that this rain will stop and finish its pouring in the morning. We had plan for this weekend and we'll just pray that we'll be able to push through with our plan. So rain... rain... go... away!


Thursday, October 29

"One More Day"

One more day till weekend! This will going to be a very long weekend and a very spooky Halloween. I just don't know how Maki will react if sees a lot of monsters, ghosts, and everything? Anyway Maki is one tough kid! I'm sure he'll handle it. Hehehe!


Wednesday, October 28

"Celebrate with Her and History's Life and Love"

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