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Wednesday, April 29

"Earning Opportunities"

I found some sites that can help give you some extra cash. They maybe a bit little and takes a lot strategies to earn but it will sure provide some extra cash.

Listed here are some of the sites that you can earn through surveys, advertisements, and posting a blog entry.

This site cost $.01 per click of their advertiser but you'll have to wait for a few seconds to be eligible.

This site sure earns a lot but it is still in beta mode.


This site sure gives earnings. You just join on their conversations like this one, answer it and publisher or post on you blog. This also ties up with With an average of $0.10 to $0.15 a day plus the price per conversation. It sounds good enough. I've earned $20 already and $20 more is coming.

You can earn also in posting some blog entry but of course your blog should have been up for at least 3 months and your blog entries are over 20 to qualify for sites that pays when you blog. Some of this sites are...

On this site you'll have to bid. Once you win that's the time that you will write you blog review regarding a certain site of product.

Blog Ads
You'll have to wait for this one. They'll contact you if there's a site for you to review and blog about.

You'll have to post blog entry on this site but make sure it's informative. You can even post a slide show, videos or audio.

social spark
This site a mix of CPC, Affiliate, Sponsorship(Blog Post)

Others are advertisements that will surely give some of their profits.

project wonderful
This site helps you promote your site and at the same time you can earn from the sites that advertise in your blog. I've earned $6.0 on this one.

There are lots of sites that offers opportunities just browse and look for them. The internet is a good media so lets make use of it.


Tuesday, April 28

"Facebook Mania: Street Racing"

Still a facebook addict. Anyway remember my earlier post about the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, well I didn't get it. Eventually it run out of stock (?) hehehe. But anyway I got their new limited edition the '95 Supra Turbo. Another cool ride!



Monday, April 27

"Saving Mother Earth...SAVE ME first"

Most companies and producers today are going environment friendly. This is the right thing to do because most of what we are using today is little by little damaging the world we live in. Nobody knows how long will Mother Earth live but one thing is for sure she is the only planet that we can live in. Though there are researches and studies being taken, still we've got a long... long... long way to go.

What Mother Earth needs are not pictures with poses of planting trees, not a written manifest on broad sheets or ads, or a good proposals but what she needs is a little act of saving ourself first. Sounds different! Yes it's different because what I mean is that we should save ourselves from the norms of the society and peers. That's what the SAVE ME Movement or Students, Action, Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth Movement is all about. The organization's core foundation. We cannot save someone or something if we cannot save ourselves. We cannot clean Mother Earth if we in ourselves are full of garbages. If we change our norms and discipline ourselves we can surely save Mother Earth.

A little act means a lot! A simple throwing of candy wrappers in garbage cans or trash bins will surely not only lessen the trash on the street but will also help stop floods and other tragedies. Another example is when you eat in a restaurant or fast food chains, what does socialites do? Well of course, they always have left over. Call me hungry beggar (patay-gutom) but hey it's a grace from GOD and there are a lot of people dying in hunger, so why do you have to have left over on your plate when you can simply finish it all. I'd rather be a simple man than a socialite if that's the case. One more is the use of motorbikes. This bikes are becoming so popular because it is cheap, easy to handle and can course through heavy traffic, and it's "in". Yes it's good but the idea of burning gas and emitting carbon dioxide in the air for just riding a block away from your destination is something not good for Mother Earth. You can walk instead! You get to your destination and at the same time you had your exercise which will surely extend your life span if you make a routine. All of this is just examples of norms that we usually do and we take it for granted.

Let us save Mother Earth by saving ourselves first. By doing that every plan will surely flow smoothly and successfully.


Friday, April 24

"Facebook Mania : Street Racing"

Another addiction on is the Street Racing. I love cars and I would really want to have one of those pimping and shining sports cars. Number one on the list (only in my dreams but who knows it might happen)is the Mercedes SLR McLaren! Ohummmm!!! What a ride!

Right now I'm still racing to get ahead of level 45. Hoping to catch more rides!
And also I'm hoping to get the new Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. I got 22 favor points and needed 3 more.

This morning I won the gift by sending cars as gift to my friends. You know what it is ..... it's the ZYN Edition Ferrari F430. Some addiction ha! At least I could grab some of this cars here on street racing.


"dneero: - Celebrities on Twitter "

Another conversations from Let's see who celebrities are using So happy twitting!


Thursday, April 23

"Sponsors can Join"

In addition to the new rule, Sponsors are also welcome to join and participate in the contest.  The more the merrier!  

Let's hope that more sponsors will commit to add some prizes! GOOD LUCK to all!


"Updates on the Prizes to be won!"

More prizes are coming and here are the updates and changes of prizes for grab!  Thank you to the sponsors!


1ST Prize
1000 EC Credits - Going2Oahu
500 EC Credits - Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Months – Hot in Singapore
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Grab Shell Dude

2ND Prize
800 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Grab Shell Dude

3RD Prize
300 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Grab Shell Dude

4TH Prize
200 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Day - Yashiro

5TH Prize
100 EC Credits – Yashiro


Tuesday, April 21

"dNeero: SpitzTunes -- Boyle-n' Over! "

Susan Boyle is surely a hit this days after making a great performance at Britain's Got Talents! provides a convo and here it is.... feel free to interact.


Monday, April 20

"Don't Judge the Book by Its Cover"

I was able to watch a video recently and this video surely speaks for the saying "don't judge the book by its cover". Most of the time people only looks at the outside appearance, be it a thing, an animal or humans. We intend to look at only those that pleasing to the eyes. We neglect the beauty of the whole being and what he/she/thing/animal can offer to us. Well on this video we'll surely learn not to judge people. This is Susan Boyle who sings in Britain talent show "Britain's Got Talent"


Saturday, April 18

"Contest Update"

Up to now no one is taking the contest, I don't know why. Maybe they thought that I am not serious about the contest. Well to those who think of it like that... it's serious. So come on and participate. I'll be waiting.....


Thursday, April 16

"How to Get Hired the PEPSI Way"

Graduates, are you ready to face the real world? Did you make any preparations or plan on where you'll be applying?

Well... you'd better make that so you could get hired. As an example you can watch this commercial and learn from it. Hehehe.


"Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton vs Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao"

Watch the worlds much awaited fight on May 2, 2009, Saturday, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who will it be Manny Pacquiao or Ricky Hatton? Manny Pacquiao is the underdog here and nobody knows what will happen inside the ring.   Let's just wait for it and decide when they finally clash.


Wednesday, April 15

"Yashiro Blogoversary Contest"

Yashiro is celebrating its
1st Year Blogoversary on May. One year of bragging about my son, journalizing all my activities, sharing bits of information and even things that you least expect. As a simple gift to readers and followers of this blog I’m launching the “Yashiro Blogoversary Contest" as a celebration of my one year of fruitful and blessed blogging days.

Prizes to be won are Entrecard Credits, some cash prize (payment through Paypal) and 125 x 125 ad spots for 5 lucky winners!


1ST Prize
1000 EC Credits - Going2Oahu
1000 EC Credits – TwinsHappiness
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Months – Hot in Singapore
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Grab Shell Dude
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – iLUVcontest

2ND Prize

1000 EC Credits – ThereisHappiness
500 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Shopping
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – nameSherry
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Grab Shell Dude

3RD Prize
1000 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Sherry Rambling
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Grab Shell Dude

4TH Prize
700 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Another Contest
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week  Yashiro

5TH Prize
500 EC Credits – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Sherry Contest


1. Subscribe to Yashiro feed via Email and confirm your subscription - 5 raffle entries
2. Add your name to my list of followers - 3 raffle entries

3. Blog about the Contest and the Prizes, link to Yashiro and the contest post – 10 raffle entries
You can post it in multiple blogs of yours to earn more entries.

4. Add Yashiro to your Technorati Favorite - 1 raffle entries
5. Digg and Delicious this contest - 1 raffle entries for each action
6. Place the contest banner at your sidebar until the contest ends - 2 raffle entries

Copy code for 125×125 Banner:
125x125 blogoversary


Copy code for 468×60 Banner:
468x60 blogoversary

Once you completed your entries, kindly leave a comment on this post telling what you have done to enter the contest. Please include the following information:
the email address that you used for the feed subscription, your blog URL of the contest post, your Technorati ID, your ID of Digg/Delicious, the page where you post the contest banner.

Contest officially starts on April 16, 2009 and will end on June 28, 2009 (11:00 PM Philippine Time). Draw date will be on June 30, 2009. Winners will be drawn randomly using and will be announced on the following day. Winners will also be informed through their email address.
Good Luck and Enjoy!

• I reserve the right to modify the contest mechanic and prizes as I see fit.
• Prizes such as Entrecard Credits and ad spots are NOT convertible to cash.
Sponsors can also join the contest.
• If you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tuesday, April 14

"Facebook Games"

If you're using Facebook then you'll surely wouldn't miss this games... the Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Farm Town, Texas HoldEm Poker, etc.

Right now were getting addicted to this games.  Of course I don't want to be left behind.  So I play and play and play till I get the highest rank and level.

If you're not into it... your missing a lot!





"Holy Week Vacation Log"

Pictures taken during the Holy Week Vacation. We just spend our time at home together with our son, Maki.

Splashing water inside Maki's pool. It's a gift from his Tita Shie and Tito Dickie.
I know I'm too big for pool but Maki don't want to play inside the pool without me.

This is done while doing the laundry.


Wednesday, April 8

"Facebook Mania"

Hayyyyyy!!!!!! I've been concentrating on using facebook this past few days and I really became addicted to it. Looking for long lost friends, past schoolmates, and relatives also. It really takes my time a lot. Add the features of facebook like the Mafia Wars, Street Racing, Farm Town, and many more. So if you're not into facebook yet why don't you check the site and become one.

Marco Demo's Profile | Create Your Badge
Marco Demo's Facebook profile


Friday, April 3

"dNeero : SpitzTunes -- I am a Boy! "

Another convo from Express yourself and join!


Thursday, April 2

"Reviewing Websites: God Box Enterprises"

Internet is a very new, easy and affordable way to learn. Information is just one click away from the World Wide Web. Most people intend to learn through tutorials and review made by people who learned, experienced and used a certain product or technology.

So, if you’re looking for sites that can offer information try this site “the God Box Enterprises” or gbe. This site offers tutorials, reviews of new software, gadgets and technologies.

Tutorials like fixing problems regarding computer and software which gives readers and bloggers an edge. Things like gadget, software, and technology that are new in the market are reviewed on this site to show special features of certain product. With this readers and buyers can normally weigh all facts and decide whether to buy this certain product or just let it go.

Information is essential and this is what God Box Enterprises or gbe gives to readers and bloggers.

The only least thing that hinders God Box Enterprises or gbe to share their information globally is the writing or the language. A translation widget is great to help other nations read this site.


Wednesday, April 1

"April Fools Day"

Today is "April Fools Day" and on this day will be having our Annual Physical Examination. So far right now no one started fooling around. Let's hope that this will be a peaceful day today though it's April Fools day.

A few minutes more and will be going to the admin office for the Annual Physical Examination. Lets just hope that we fail on some of this test. Hehehehe.

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