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Sunday, July 12

"Tantrum Sunday"

Today Maki and I were alone in the house because mommy's got work today. My routine of Saturday Activities were change because of my wife's new job. Her work is from Sunday to Friday. No work on Saturday and she goes early on Sunday so we can catch up with the Vesper Church Service.

The whole day were busy doing chores for Maki. His breakfast, bath, vitamins, milk, etc., etc.

Today, I had a hard time putting Maki to bed and his having an explainable tantrums. He don't want to be laid on bed, he just wanted to be carried and he would cry out loud just to get what he wants. I really get tired and it's like weight lifting in the gym.

I've already prepared all the things to bring but still Maki wasn't quite good yet he still has tantrums. He fall asleep while crying. He woke up at around 4:30 PM. We wouldn't make it to the church and besides where already 30 minutes late, so again, we stayed home and let Maki sleep.

What a day!



  1. Wow, you're a houseband ^^. I can imagine all the fuss. Boyfriend and I are both working at home so it's always crazy around the room. ^^


  2. Yeah! But that's on Sundays only. Before it was Saturdays.


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