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Saturday, August 8

"Putting Your Child Early to Bed"

Do you have a son that is so hyper that he always wanted to play? And if his not playing he only write and write until he got tired and fall asleep?

Well don't ask anymore because our son, Maki, is the one. We find it hard to put Maki in bed early, we don't know why but we're starting to worry because Maki's nap time is always late.

To make a solution to our problem, I tried to look for some articles that will help us put Maki early to bed. I managed to find an article about "How to put your child early to bed?"

According to the article its natural for the kid to be hyper and play as much as he could. He don't have a notion of time so the real time keeper is us, the parents. We are the one who should decide whether our child must go to sleep or not. The article emphasize that parents shouldn't interrupt their child while playing and forced them to bed instead parents should let the child slow down and give them some time to prepare to sleep.

To make sleeping time as easy as possible there are suggestion that parents can do and practice. Create a bed time ritual in order for the child to remember or know that it is bed time already. Things or rituals that both parents and children will enjoy are reading a story or poem, playing a particular game, singing or just simply praying. You could also add a little bit of writing. These are suggested rituals that can ease up kids sleeping time.

Another tip is that parents should lessen or limit day time nap so that they will have good night sleep.

Read this article from We'll try all of the things said here because we wanted our child to developed physically and mentally well.



  1. My kids are not that hard to put to bed.. we have a routine and I think they are doing great with it :)

    by the way I am now following your blog. I hope you can follow mine too: Make or Break

  2. you joined din ba? sayang.. it was alright but not that fun haha.. kase hindi ako nanalo tapos anti social pa LOL

    Make or Break


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