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Wednesday, August 26

"Vitamins for My Toddlers"

Are vitamins and food supplements good for toddlers?

According to an article in experts disagree on whether a daily dose of multivitamin is a good idea for all children. It is also further argues that children don't need supplement because most of the foods are already fortified. But then again they acknowledge that a multivitamin or mineral supplement won't hurt as long as it doesnt exceed the recommended daily allowance. In addition other experts say that a daily dose of vitamins/supplement is a good way to fill in the gaps of the child's nutrition.

Making sure that our toddlers get the best of everything is something that parents always look onto. When it comes to vitamins and food supplements always refer to your pediatrician to give you advice and prescription on what is the best and suitable to give to your child. And of course always remember when you buy medicines or vitamins read the labels and expiry dates. It's a must! It's for you and your child's safety.

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