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Saturday, October 10

"Daddy Day Care : Not Today"

Well this day was supposed to be "Daddy Day Care" but unfortunately we have a scheduled activity to attend to and it's for Daddy and Mommy only so Maki has to stay with his Lola Lolit. Sorry Maki we'll just have to make up with it next week. If the weather is okay we will go to Quezon Memorial Circle and play with your new Remote Control Car.

Today is a very special day for Joseph, our office mate! This is the day that he'll cherish and remember through out his entire existence. The day that he will loose himself and become one with the person... a person that completes his life. The union of two different lives forge by love and faith. .... The Wedding of Joseph and Noemi!

For sure, Joseph felt that same feeling while waiting for his bride at the altar . That was a very tremendous experience. The mixture of different feelings is something that you don't usually feel in an ordinary day. I'm sure a lot of guys out there felt that feeling once in their life.

So for Joseph and Noemi welcome to marital life. May your union be filled with endless courtship and love.

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