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Saturday, December 12

"Daddy Day Care : Trinoma Mall"

Today is our Daddy day care but this time it's together with Mommy. Mommy was able to join us today.

Our adventure today is at Trinoma Mall in North EDSA. One of the malls along the Metro Railway Transit. This mall is linked with the MRT. This is much more convenient with the commuters because they can already went directly to the mall after from the long day work and a few minutes of rush hour.

The mission to here is to buy gift for the Lolos and Lolas and of course a gift for Maki also. One more thing Mommy's clothes, which really took most of the time. Anyway and at least we were able to get some of Mommy's clothes. In the end we only got Mommy's clothes and nothing more (I think) because the gift of Lolo and Lola were not bought including Maki's gift.

That was tiring and yet fun stroll in the mall. Maki love sliding with those shiny and slippery tiles in the mall. As if he was surfing the wave. Well that cuts off our day and went home.


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