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Saturday, January 30

"Daddy Day Care : Jollibee Kids Club"

Today is our Daddy Day Care. Since Mommy doesn't have any work on Saturday's she's with us today and Mommy is the instigator of this activity. The only thing is that we didn't make it to join in the 1st batch in the activity area of the mall. We just made it on the 2nd Batch of the activity. The activity was the "Jollibee Kids Club : CREATE UR OWN T-SHIRT". The activity was supposed to start around 5:30 PM but I think due to preparations and everything they started the program at around 6:00 already. Anyway they still manage to take it and started it very well. Maki was very active there, he wanted to run around and show off with some of the kids there. That was when they haven't started the painting session. Once we started creating the designs in the T-Shirt Maki was so very behave. He really loves to paint.


"10 Ways to Build a Child's Self-Esteem"

We always believed that whatever or however the child becomes is how he was brought to be by the parents. It is indeed that parents play a major role in molding their children. It's more likely of a potter molding. The outcome of the master piece will depend on how he wanted it. So in a single or slight change of the potters hand will directly affects the pot he's molding. Whenever a child showcase new things or new attitude it is first and foremost learnt from the parents. It's more of a copying machine. Whatever is fed to the copying machines is what will be copied and fed to the paper.

Self-esteem is very important to all of us. It is what help us realize our worth. Children needs it for them to be able to know their belongingness and self-worth. Knowing that they can do things on their own and it is more of pride and self-respect. Developing child's self-esteem really needs a lot of work and a lot of patience. I know patience because it is what we're dealing right now with our kid. You really need a long line of patience with your child.

As usual I referred all my parenting stuff from my ever reliable So here are some ten different ways to boost and build your child's self-esteem.

Give unconditional love. A child's self-esteem flourishes with the kind of no-strings-attached devotion that says, "I love you, no matter who you are or what you do." Your child benefits the most when you accept him for who he is regardless of his strengths, difficulties, temperament, or abilities. So lavish him with love. Give him plenty of cuddles, kisses, and pats on the shoulder. And don't forget to tell him how much you love him. When you do have to correct your child, make it clear that it's his behavior — not him — that's unacceptable. For instance, instead of saying, "You're a naughty boy! Why can't you be good?" say, "Pushing Gabriel isn't nice. It can hurt. Please don't push."

Pay attention. Carve out time to give your preschooler your undivided attention. That does wonders for your child's self-worth because it sends the message that you think he's important and valuable. It doesn't have to take a lot of time; it just means taking a moment to stop flicking through the mail if he's trying to talk with you or turning off the TV long enough to answer a question. Make eye contact so it's clear that you're really listening to what he's saying. When you're strapped for time, let your child know it without ignoring his needs. Say, "Tell me all about the picture you drew, and then when you're finished, I'll need to make our dinner."

Teach limits. Establish a few reasonable rules for your preschooler. For instance, if you tell your child he has to eat his snack in the kitchen, don't let him wander around the family room with his crackers and fruit the next day. Or if you tell him to put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket, don't say it's okay to pile them on the floor. Knowing that certain family rules are set in stone will help him feel more secure. It may take constant repetition on your part, but he'll start to live by your expectations soon enough. Just be clear and consistent and show him that you trust him to do the right thing.

Support healthy risks. Encourage your child to explore something new, such as trying a different food, finding a best pal, or riding a bike. Though there's always the possibility of failure, without risk there's little opportunity for success. So let your child safely experiment, and resist the urge to intervene. For instance, try not to "rescue" him if he's showing mild frustration at figuring out a new toy. Even jumping in to say, "I'll do it" can foster dependence and diminish your child's confidence. You'll build his self-esteem by balancing your need to protect him with his need to tackle new tasks.

Let mistakes happen. The flip side, of course, of having choices and taking risks is that sometimes your child is bound to make mistakes. These are valuable lessons for your child's confidence. So if your child puts his plate too close to the edge of the table and it tips, encourage him to think about what he might do differently next time. That way his self-esteem won't sag and he'll understand that it's okay to make mistakes sometimes. When you goof up yourself, admit it, says Daniel Meier, assistant professor of elementary education at San Francisco State University. Acknowledging and recovering from your mistakes sends a powerful message to your child — it makes it easier for your child to accept his own shortcomings.

Celebrate the positive. Everyone responds well to encouragement, so make an effort to acknowledge the good things your child does every day within his earshot. For instance, tell his dad, "Joshua washed all the vegetables for dinner." He'll get to bask in the glow of your praise and his dad's heartening response. And be specific. Instead of saying "Good job," say, "Thank you for waiting so patiently in line." This will enhance his sense of accomplishment and self-worth and let him know exactly what he did right.

Listen well. If your child needs to talk, stop and listen to what he has to say. He needs to know that his thoughts, feelings, desires, and opinions matter. Help him get comfortable with his emotions by labeling them. Say, "I understand you're sad because you have to say bye to your school pals." By accepting his emotions without judgment, you validate his feelings and show that you value what he has to say. If you share your own feelings ("I'm excited about going to the zoo"), he'll gain confidence expressing his own.

Resist comparisons. Comments such as "Why can't you be more like your sister?" or "Why can't you be nice like Peter?" will just remind your child of where he struggles in a way that fosters shame, envy, and competition. Even positive comparisons, such as "You're the best player" are potentially damaging because a child can find it hard to live up to this image. If you let your child know you appreciate him for the unique individual he is, he'll be more likely to value himself too.

Offer empathy. If your child compares himself unfavorably to his siblings orpeers ("Why can't I catch a ball like Sophia?"), show him empathy and then emphasize one of his strengths. For instance, say, "You're right. Sophia is good at catching. And you're good at painting pictures." This can help your child learn that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that he doesn't have to be perfect to feel good about himself.

Provide encouragement. Every child needs the kind of support from loved ones that signals, "I believe in you. I see your effort. Keep going!" Encouragement means acknowledging progress — not just rewarding achievement. So if your preschooler is struggling to fasten his snaps, say, "You're trying very hard and you almost have it!" instead of "Not like that. Let me do it."

Learning things about children really did get easy because of the vast information inside the world wide web. So if you got any questions or inquiries about your kids just visit They got lots of answers for lots of questions.


Thursday, January 28

"Cebu Dancing Inmates - This is it"

I know this is a bit late of a post but it's already spreading through out the blogosphere. If anyone of you who have heard the "Cebu Dancing Inmates" well good to hear that and good to know that they are all getting known through out the globe. For those who hasn't heard of them, I think only a few of them maybe, this dancing inmates are all for real and they are really inmates in Cebu Penitentiary Cell. All of them were convicted of different violations but the good thing about this is that they deserved to be given a second chance. With them, being dancers who follows order, only shows that they are willing to be change for the better.

Another good thing about them is that a lot of personalities, mostly dancers, gives their time and effort to be with them to showcase what they're good at... of course dancing. So one of their greatest achievement is this video and they do really deserve it.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. This video will be or is already included in the "This is it" album tribute to Michael Jackson.


Wednesday, January 27


It was a fun and tiring night with our son. We laughed and played around the house. And we tried and checked out the feature of our new cellular phone. We bought it last Saturday it comes with another unit. It was a package, a cheaper prize for two cellular phone. This phone has a built-in recorder. So we tried it and we make Maki say Daddy... daddy... daddy... text! Then we start laughing again. I don't know where did Maki get the energy but his so active tonight. After the laugh his Mommy read him a story. Now his asleep still wearing his slippers. Nightie night!


Tuesday, January 26

"Not Too Busy Day"

Today is not too busy. I don't know why but it seems that everything is not just as busy as it was. Maybe because things are going to be different that's why. I was able to do some things lately. I just hope to finish everything before the time comes. Anyway I'll continue it tomorrow I just pray that everything will run as smoothly as possible. Good day to all and I pray that all your works will run as smoothly as mine.


Monday, January 25

"Saving for Maki"

Today, I've opened up a savings account for Maki. Angie and I wanted Maki to have his own savings account so that all his monetary gifts will be deposited on his account and besides teaching Maki to save as early as possible will teach him to be thrifty. Of course he will also learn the value of money. Also will be buying a mini piggy bank for him so that whenever we arrive will teach him to put money on his piggy bank. Once the piggy bank accumulated enough will put it in his savings account.

So our main goal is to save for Maki's future!


Sunday, January 24

"Sunday Service Message : Giving"

Sounds really easy to differentiate and give the meaning but to most pastor they do have hard time making this as a topic for a message. Giving is the act of providing things or anything to someone or somebody.

Why do you give? Is a question that needs to be answer by those people who gives. Yeah! Why do we give? We give because to others it's a noble cause and to others its duty to be performed. In either way they both gives the reason on why we give. In terms of church and Christianity giving is one kind of way in returning to God what is ought to be given for him. Like the tithing, most people neglect this because they never thought it would help or it is the foundation of everything that Christians do. But in reality it is our duty to give tithe to the Lord because everything that we reap is his property or wealth we are just a mere laborers of His farm.

So we really should give back what is ought for the Lord because this is our duty and it is ought to be done.


Saturday, January 23

"Daddy Day Care : Visit"

Mommy got an invitation from her high school friend to their new house at Novaliches. At first I thought the way was along EDSA but knowing it again it's in Novaliches. Anyway I got lost on that directions, I maybe thinking of something.

We got to their place and met her once again together with her twin daughters. Maki and her twins met when they were still babies and now they're already preschoolers. At first Maki was hesitant in playing with the twins but after a few minutes he started mingling with them. Maki really wanted to have many playmates so he was able to make friends with them as easy as it is. Though there are times that they argued and quarrel with the toys still they're happy together. Also Mommy and I are happy to meet them again.


Friday, January 22

"Blank Thoughts"

Have you ever experienced of having blank thoughts? Well it's not actually blank thoughts but it's only a mere thought of knowing that you can't think of anything. Still you're thinking but only problem is that your thoughts are being cluttered that's because of different things. An example is that you're being distracted by your thought of finishing your deadlines. Or to make more clearly and much good example is what I'm doing right now. There are so many things that's wandering around in my mind. I wanted to write so many things that I couldn't even start on something very well but still I was able to write this topic down. So I don't really know if people will deviate on this but this is what I think and thats my thought for today.


Wednesday, January 20

"Changing Lanes"

Have you seen the movie "Cars"? Me I have seen it a hundred times. My son, Maki always watch it. So for those who haven't seen it, it's about a story of a race car, of course they're all 3d animation created by Pixar Animation Studios and Disney.


There's one scene that reminds me of what I'm thinking right this very moment. The scene was when Lightning McQueen (the main character) was in the truck called Mac and they were travelling in an expressway. Mac was very sleepy that time because McQueen wanted to get to their destination as early as possible. Mac was so tired and sleepy that when the riders saw him they dozed him with a mellow music that put him to sleep. While on sleep, the riders play around with him making him change his lane and run into a bumpy road. With this, McQueen at the back of the truck, the door got open causing McQueen to be rolled out and left in the expressway. Mac the truck dozed off and went back to his lane without knowing that McQueen was left behind.

Now, what do I want to express? Well we all sometimes like Mac, there are times that we change lanes without noticing it because we got comfortable of our situation. Too comfortable that we sometimes left important things unnoticed. We need to change lanes sometimes but never left things behind especially the important ones.


Tuesday, January 19

"Milestone Chart"

From what I have read and from what I have posted here before, parents should not compare their kids with the others. Others may have some different level of development and different types of mastering skills. Still and though I'm not comparing my kid with the other kids of his same age the people who sees him do compare. Some of them already said that Maki should be checked by a doctor because according to them he should be speaking sentences already. Well, me and wife is somewhat a little bit worried about his language skill but seeing his development I think his just in a right track. His not just as advance as the other kids. And as I can see, Maki is very well active and lively. He always runs around the house and he even jumps as high as he could. He can communicate well already except in times that his having tantrums.

So in order to confirm whether my son, Maki, is having problems with his development I look to my every reliable Looking for some good answer around the site leads to this one....

Child's Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
25 and 26 months• Stacks six blocks
Walks with smooth heel-to-toe motion
Uses pronouns (e.g., I, me, you)
Washes and dries own hands
Speaks clearly most of the time
Draws a vertical line
27 and 28 monthsJumps with both feet
• Opens doors
Understandsdescriptions (e.g., big, soft)
Draws a vertical line
• Starts to recognizeABCs
Balances on one foot
29 and 30 monthsBrushes teeth with help
Washes and dries own hands
Draws a vertical line
Draws a circle
Balances on one foot
Puts on a T-shirt
Names one color
• Names one friend

This is the milestone chart that indicates whether your child's development is on the right track. Good for Maki his on the right track and he even surpasses some of the things that his age should be doing. Maki is on the 25-26 months old but he can already wash and dries his hands, draw a vertical line and a circle, he can already recognize some of the alphabets, and he can also jump.

Now it is truly true that children develop on differ levels and skills that's why they shouldn't be compared with each other. Just make sure that, we, parents should be in there side every time they make a milestone.


"Same Old Days"

Same old days....

Have you noticed that there are times that your experiencing being dull? Thinking that things go and appear just like the same old days? Well to me it always happens in the office. Of course the routine work, the look of the office, and the same old faces that you see each and every day you stay in the office. Maybe that same old days will come to its end and it is very near already.

So have you felt something like this?


Monday, January 18

"Sunday Service Message : Be Still"

I know this is not a good start of the year for our family as Christian because yesterday was our first time to go to church. That's for this year! And it is a bad start and attitude of a Christian. I prayed for that yesterday.

The church service message was about Elijah and it is about being still and knowing GOD. From book of 1 King chapter 19 it tells the story of how Elijah run for his life and how he heard GOD's voice. According to the message GOD never speak to us in harsh and loud voice but instead He whispers to us in a calm and mild voice. Like in the case of Elijah GOD was never in the strong wind, or in an earthquake, or even in a blazing fire but it was in a soft whisper. That's where he found GOD in a soft whisper.

As I make my quiet time this morning about yesterdays message I focused on the phrase "Be still to know GOD". It is indeed that in this fast phased time we sometimes forgot or even neglected to be still and talk to GOD. With the distractions like gadgets, movies, tv programs, and even work really holds us to take some time to be still. I myself noticed it that I often forgot to read my daily devotion materials and it is really sad to know that we can't even hear what GOD want for us. Maybe it's about time to allot more few minutes of my time to be still and talk to GOD.


Sunday, January 17

"Meeting Old SAVE MEs"

Last night was another event to add up on my memory bank. I met some old friends and co SAVE ME members, also met some new movers as well. We talked about life, past and present and everything that happened to us. The meeting was short but I know it was just the start. Especially this coming election. My Ninong (Godfather) will be running for Municipal Councilor. It will be just like the old days.

Meeting them again sure not only brings back memories but also the boost of knowing that there are people who knew your worth. It feels that I'm energized again and ready to do more daring and worthy cause. It's more of flaring up your confidence and self esteem. Living more to SAVE ME's "Dare to be different".


Saturday, January 16

"Celebrating Our Monthsary"

Yesterday was the first month after our wedding anniversary. We usually celebrate monthsary. It doesn't have to be so fancy or luxurious but a simple celebration will do. Last night was wine and cracklings in our house. The wine was just what is left of the Christmas basket given to us from our office. So we had our kid sleep first and then we had our chit chat while sipping wine and eating cracklings. Just a plain and simple celebration.

Also this morning while dropping some ECs on other blogs I just happen to read a portion of the post (I forgot the name of the blog) and it is all about commenting on MOTWISTER's blog post about celebrating monthsaries. The blogger is indeed right about the matter which MOTWISTER think stupid or somewhat a little bit not to do. Celebrating the day that you've been together is something that is worth more than anything. The celebration doesn't have to be too fancy or luxurious, dine in a well known restaurant, or travelling around the world what matters most is the fact of you and your partner celebrating it together. The value of being there in the most romantic day of you life whether it is a celebration of married couple or just bf/gf. To MOTWISTER your getting old that's why you think it like that.


Thursday, January 14

"Work... work... work!"

Today is Thursday I still got to work until tomorrow. Got to finish the certification for the billings. The most hardest one is the telephone billings got to check if there are personal calls. So got to work... work... and work! Maybe tonight I'll get some time to do some other things.


Tuesday, January 12

"World's Hardest Game"

Tonight, I was relaxing from a long day work. While dropping entrecard I just happen to read the heading "World's Hardest Game". This intrigues me! So, I read the whole blog post from Game Freaks and I was challenged to play the game. Game freaks made it until level 4 while me I got stuck on level 6. It's really a hard game! So if you would like to try this game here's the link WORLD'S HARDEST GAME

Level 5


"Cluster Migraine"

Yesterday I went to the doctor consult regarding my headache. The doctor doesn't want to think of something else because I'm still young for some sort of illness. Fortunately, according to the doctor's findings it was called a cluster migraine. It is a kind of migraine where it only occurs on a certain portion. To be sure, the doctor give me a prescription for five days. It's more of an observation. If it is still there and no change, then that's the time for some different sort of measures will be done. So please do pray for me that it's just a migraine.


Monday, January 11

"New Nanny"

Good thing we had our new nanny. Maki call her Ate Melanie. Now, my wife Angie is not too worry about Maki anymore because everything will be okay now. Right this moment there are no problem with regards to Melanie's being a nanny. Let's just hope that there will be no problem at all.


Sunday, January 10

"First Time Movie"

After 3 years after our last movie, I forgot what it is but I'm sure my wife was pregnant that time, we're able to watch a movie last night. Of course Maki's with us. This is Maki's first big screen experience. We watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2". We thought that Maki was free or with discount but unfortunately we had to pay full for him. So in other words we bought 3 tickets. At first we're kind of ... hayyyy!!!! Anyway we bought our snacks and went inside the theater. Gladly it's not so crowded so we were able to find a good spot. We take the balcony so that Maki could watch it clearly with not much strain on his eyes. Well Maki is not much in awe though it was his first time to watch on the big screen. Maybe because he always watch movies in our house.

The only problem we had is the seat. Since Maki was little and the chair is folding Maki couldn't sit down properly. In order for Maki to sit comfortably is to hold the end of the chair to avoid folding. So I did.

Maki watched the whole movie. He don't even tried to take a nap or go to sleep. So we thought that paying for Maki wasn't that bad after all because Maki had it "SULIT (Satisfied)". He was very active the whole time even after we left the movie theater.

It's a good first time for Maki and for Me and my wife Angie it's a good thing to watch again in the big screen after 3 years.


Saturday, January 9

"Daddy Day Care : Movie"

Today we're set to watch a movie. We'll just have to decide on where to watch. We're going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and this is the first time Maki will be watching in the big screen. Today is going to be a fun family day.



Thursday, January 7

"Unexpected Lost"

Yesterday was just an ordinary day for us in the office. The sight of everyone being busy with their works and others went to their travels.

Everything was okay right until lunch time. Everyone was laughing and chatting. But the gay moment suddenly shut off when a phone call was received saying that one of our drivers were rushed to the hospital. At first it was high blood. Then after it was diagnosed it was a hemorrhagic bleeding in the head. It was critical according to the doctor. So we did the coordination and everything.

Evening when I received a phone call from one of my co-worker, our driver had passed away already. It was shocking. I just said to myself, LORD!


Tuesday, January 5

"A Gift for My Wife"

Tomorrow is my Wife's important day. This is the very glorious day of her life. This is the day that she came to be.

Before going home tonight I was still thinking of what to give to her and on my way home I tried to look for a present for her. I went to a mall and look around to find something that would catch her interest but it seems that looking for a gift for her is not an easy thing to do. Of course it should be special because it's for my beloved wife. The only problem is that I couldn't find something.

I remember that she was looking for a perfume because she already used up all her perfume. So, this give me a hint on what to buy for a gift. I use my nose to sniff all perfumes in the mall that I think my wife would love to use and gladly I found one. It's not a very popular perfume but the scent is something that she would love and I would also love to smell and sniff all the time. Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!


"December Dropaholics"

To continue thanking all the bloggers who keep on dropping on this blog here are the dropaholics for the month of December. From Yashiro it's an honor to have you visited my blog. Thanks.


Monday, January 4

"Vacation Ends"

Tonight is midnight and this is the last night of our holiday vacation. Tomorrow morning (or this morning already) will be the start of the new year at work. A new and fresh year to work at the office. I just hope and pray that this start will be not as so problematic as last year. Anyway I'll just sleep now and hope for the glorious day when I wake up. So work a few hours and here I come! Let start the year....


Sunday, January 3

"Comparing Your Preschooler with Others"

Another article from the just came into my email ad. This time it's about "Comparison", comparison among other preschoolers.

According to the article parents shouldn't compare their preschoolers with his playmates. At their age they develop in different ways, some focus on motor skills and some on their language skills. If you have doubts on the development of your child be sure to mention it to his doctor.

In our son's case, Maki haven't pronounce a two syllable word, it's always the end syllable that his pronouncing. But what good about him is his ability to like puzzles. So the article is right about the development thing. They do vary in different ways and also in different stages. We just make sure that we always check it if his on the right stage of his development. But sometimes it's so tempting to compare your son with other especially when they get together. So I'll just follow the article and stop comparing him to other kids. So parents try to focus on your son!


Friday, January 1

"First Day of the Year"

This is the first day of the year 2010. The New Year's Eve celebration was a very lively and fun because we're all present, my sister and her husband is here, my father and mother, and our family. Though most of the neighbors are using firecrackers our house were quiet with firecrackers, that was ban in our house. Reasons for this are that my Mom don't like it and she got nervous whenever those firecrackers pops and I don't want Maki to inhale much smokes from those firecrackers.

Maki didn't had the chance to jump and shout during the turn of the year. He was too sleepy to wake up. Still he tries to wake up while hanging to her Mom.

After the sounds of firecrackers subside we had our food blessed and started to feast on them to have a glorious, blessed and wonderful New Year.

Since this is the first day of the year the first thing to do is plan out the whole year. But of course I'll try to figure out first which will be the first thing to accomplish for this year. There are so many things to list down and there are so many things to do. I need to be sure of what to list down. So to be precise I needed the whole day to think about what to list on my to do list. Unfortunately, up to now I don't have or I haven't list down those things. Maybe to start is to clean up the whole house first. So good luck with the cleaning tomorrow!



A Blessed, Wondrous, and a Happy New Year to all! May the Lord bless us all as we live another year.

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