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Sunday, January 24

"Sunday Service Message : Giving"

Sounds really easy to differentiate and give the meaning but to most pastor they do have hard time making this as a topic for a message. Giving is the act of providing things or anything to someone or somebody.

Why do you give? Is a question that needs to be answer by those people who gives. Yeah! Why do we give? We give because to others it's a noble cause and to others its duty to be performed. In either way they both gives the reason on why we give. In terms of church and Christianity giving is one kind of way in returning to God what is ought to be given for him. Like the tithing, most people neglect this because they never thought it would help or it is the foundation of everything that Christians do. But in reality it is our duty to give tithe to the Lord because everything that we reap is his property or wealth we are just a mere laborers of His farm.

So we really should give back what is ought for the Lord because this is our duty and it is ought to be done.

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