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Saturday, February 27

"Daddy Day Care : Circle"

After the renovation and putting up of theme park inside the Quezon City Circle, this is our first time to walk again inside the QC Circle. Maki enjoyed everything, especially the playground area. They have put up lots of slides, swing, and see saw in there. This is the first Maki mingle with other kids in a playground. Also this is Maki's first time to go solo on sliding and climbing up the stair. This is pretty neat because Maki really loves it.


Friday, February 26

"Friday Doctor"

I'm on leave today! I'm gong to see a doctor.


Thursday, February 25

"Pilipinas Got Talent"

Pilipinas Got Talent had already started and they already aired some of the auditions around the Philippines. Some really got talents and some just like nuisance candidate in the election. Showing your true talent is really something to be proud of but showing that you think you got talent is something different.

There are talents that are pretty interesting, especially if it is unique, and there are talents that really need to be buzz off. Here are some of the talents that I've enjoyed watching and I really loved it.


Wednesday, February 24

"Tips on Going Out"

This simple tips will help parents dealing with their kids/toddlers during outing, family affair, church service, dinner at the restaurant, and others. As we all know kids/toddlers are very active, observant, playful, and adventurous. They climb up through things, run around the area, and touch or pick up anything that they can reach. Keeping them busy is for sure a milestone especially if your talking with someone.

Here are some tips that you can do to keep your kids/toddlers busy even for a few minutes.

Always bring toys. Bring his most loved toys. At least he will be kept busy playing with his toy.

Bring pen and paper. If your kids/toddlers love to write, draw and scribble it's the best thing to bring with you a pen/pencil and paper/notebook or some crayons and coloring books. Keeping them busy will let you do your activity.

Biscuits or snacks. This one is the best. Just teach your kids/toddlers not to talk when their mouth is full. This is best if your activity or appointments don't involve food. Just be sure to bring along his milk or drinking water.

PSP, MP4, and other gadgets. Since we're in the age of gadgets and electronics you might as well consider this gadgets with you. Just make sure to load it up with your kids/toddlers favorite show, cartoons, or movies. For sure they will just sit down quietly while watching.

So these are just some of the tips that I can share when you and you're family are going out. If you have any other ideas fell free to comment and share your thoughts. Good day!


Tuesday, February 23

'Thought of the Day"

"Always look back from where you have started so you will know how far you have been."
Just a simple thing to do but most of us never did look back. That's the problem with us we never intend to look back because we don't want to remember most of our rejections, mistakes, and every little bad things that happened. This is in fact one way of evaluating yourself to know where you're weak or your strength. So if face that same problem again at least you know what's the solution.



Sunday, February 21

"Golf: The Sports To Learn"

One of the sports that I didn’t have a chance to at least played a single game. First is because you need to have the basic equipment to play the game and second you need to be a member or a guest of the member to play in the game area. So how am I going to know experience playing this game in real life? To be honest I don’t know much about this sports I only manage to learn it in watching sports on TV. So if I were given a chance I would love to learn to swing those golf clubs, in real life, and score a hole in one. Yes! Golf is the sports that I wasn’t able to learn and play and real life just as I said before to be able to play golf it will require some equipment that is not easy to acquire and you need to go to a golf shop to acquire them unlike basketball, soccer, table tennis, and the like. Those games that I have mentioned are much easier and the tools or gadgets are of course budget wise cheaper to acquire. So with someone like me who is not like Ritchie Rich will just have to manage and learn in some other ways. And the only way that I know where I could learn is… where else but inside a virtual world… in computer and video games. Though it’s not real still I learn some of the terminologies that are being used in the game. Some of these are hole-in-one, birdie, boogie and a whole lot more.

So while I still cannot learn or play it for real I’ll just have to stick around with the virtual world of computer and video games. But there are still some other options that I have found and I think I could learn some from them. I found a site about golf the only thing is that it is written in German. But it doesn’t bother me at all because I want to learn and the good thing is that there are sites that offer translation. So plain and simple.

The site is called Golfkurse Platzreife, the Platzreife is a german word for playing permission on a golf course. Maybe I should really visit some of the Golfshop here in our town to be more familiarize with golf. So wish me luck learning golf!

"My Dream Travel In Germany"

Travelling abroad is one of my dreams and one of my desires to accomplish. Of course who in the world wouldn’t want to travel abroad? There are lots of good places to see abroad aside from the scenic spot there are also historical places that you can visit and learn from. One of the best place and rich in historical records is in Europe. Europe played an important role in history.

One of the places that offer great places and scenic spots are in Germany. I would love to visit this place. Visiting this place will require to have some place to stay with and I visited a site that showcases hotels and accommodations that for sure is beautiful. The hotels are Finca Mallorca mieten, Hotel Teneriffa, and Hotel Hamburg City theses places offers fine services. So roaming around in this beautiful country is much easier and comfortable. You could stay here for weeks or months just to have your great dream vacation.

So if I will be going to travel for vacation I would definitely like to visit these places together with my family but for now I should start saving and earning a lot to accomplish one of my dreams. Dreams definitely will lead to something if we work hard for it. So Germany wait for me because I be there for a vacation!


Saturday, February 20

"Daddy Day Care : Taho Morning"

What is taho? Taho is a product of soy beans, it is a fresh soft tofu mixed with sugar syrup and pearl sago. It is a common snack in the Philippines. Taho is very high in protein and it is good for our health. Filipinos love to eat this most especially the kids like Maki.

Every Saturday morning we buy taho from my friend taho vendor. I've been buying taho from him since I was a kid. I think he was a bachelor back then and now his raising his family with the fruits of his work of selling taho. Maki loves to eat taho very much. His always expecting it. So happy eating!


Friday, February 19

"What's on Weekend?"

What's on weekend? Actually we had no plan of going out this weekend except of course on Sunday and if we're going to buy something plus if we're going to jog tomorrow morning. I just hope we'll do the jogging my tummy is getting bigger. I need to loose some weight.

So what I'm going to do tomorrow, after the jog, is clean the house (if possible) and fix all the mess (if there's any). So weekend will be a busy day in the house. My only problem is Maki... well will just have to teach Maki to clean also. So tonight I should get all my online chores finished so that I'll have a lot of time tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 17

"The Coming Election"

I never plan of making or writing some thoughts about the upcoming elections today but since I don't have any idea for today I might as well do this and to benefit others about my ideas.

We all know (Filipinos) that on May this year we will be exercising our right... THE RIGHT TO VOTE! On this time that we will be electing our government officials. Officials that will lead this country to prosperity (I just pray for that).

The campaigns for the presidential seat has already begun, I don't know about the senatorial seats but there's only one thing that I'm thinking of... who will be the elected president. We can only predict but still everything lies in fate, nobody knows.

I just have an observation which come up to an opinion. Mid or early last year there are bunch of ads showing this government officials airing their accomplishments, their admirations for the country and even their life story. Isn't it obvious that they are already campaigning indirectly! And yet the campaign hasn't started. Is there any rule in the Commission on Election about this? They plastered all the TV ads with their faces!

All I know is that the commission sets a certain period and a certain budget for the campaign but seeing all this... I think they have already violated those rules. So with this I have come up with an idea that if that simple rules from the commission is violated so how are they going to run the government for they themselves don't even know how to follow rules. I think the saying "A GOOD LEADER IS A GOOD FOLLOWER" does not apply to them.

This is my opinion if you happen to read this post and your're a Filipino think about it. On the election day always think a hundred folds before you go to your precinct and before you cast your vote.


Tuesday, February 16

"Flowers For You"

Since it's still the month of love I just would like to run a survey about flowers. I know for sure that most of the mommy bloggers received their bouquet of flowers last February 14.

In our span of being together I have only give my wife flowers only twice (I think). The first time was our first anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend and the second time ... is ... actually I forgot when was that but I'm sure that I have only given her flowers twice.

So I hope that all readers will participate on this. Please leave your response/answers on the comment area. So here are the questions:

  1. Have you received/given flowers from/for your love ones?
  2. When was the last time that you received/give flowers?
  3. What kind of flowers?
  4. What are your thoughts about flowers?

I hope that every one will participate on this friendly and fun survey. I know for sure you'll start reminiscing those cherished moments. Thanks and hope read your response!


Monday, February 15

"History of Valentines Day"

love notes
Yesterday, people around the world celebrated the Hearts Day or what everybody calls it as Valentines Day. On this day people or lovers exchanges sweets notes, Valentines Card, flowers most preferably roses, and sweet kisses. For everybody it was a special day for lovers.

Does anyone knows how this Valentines Day came to be? I'm sure the current generation don't have any idea of how Valentines Day came to be but with the use of internet just one click you'll eventually get your answer.

So click google and search of Valentine's Day History. Caching! Got one article found in Valentine was the name of the martyr priest. During the reign of Emperor Cladius II, he wanted to fortify his military forces and he thinks that single soldiers are better than married ones. He made a decree that hinders single males to get married. With this injustice Father Valentine secretly continued solemnizing marriages. Father Valentine knew that it was the right thing to do. When his acts were discovered he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. During his confinement he meet the daughter of the prison guard which other thought that he fell in love with this young girl. Before the day of his execution it was alleged that Father Valentine wrote her a letter and at the end of letter he signed "From your Valentine". In which later on used in love letters and notes. In order to honor Father Valentine they made February 14 as Valentines Day.

So that's a bit of the history of Valentines Day.


"Monday So Different"

Monday rush, a different thing today. The weight of the shuttle service is reduced, passengers are lessen, and the activity inside the car is different... it's dull and gloomy. There is not much laughing and joking. Mondays from the last four years are filled with moments to cherish. The jokes, the laugh, the games, and even the naps they really filled my memory bank.

Since the near end of the project lots of personnel have gone and chartered their course out. A path which leads to their new careers. Good for them because they have flown away from the project. Unlike me, still here....

I have planned to submit my resignation since last year but I really can get a good timing and of I still don't have assurance from other companies I have applied for. Don't want to get some empty slots on my earning. I'm still waiting for their calls. Some have already called and interviewed me but still no assurance of getting hired. I'm praying to God for all this and I know God has a plan for me. Much better!


Sunday, February 14

"2 in 1 Celebrations"

Today Chinese around the world are celebrating the Chinese New Year and at the same time celebrating the Valentines Day. Giving more a hearty welcome for the year to come. So to all Chinese around the world Happy Chinese New Year and to all the people Happy Valentines Day.


Saturday, February 13

"A Day at Manila Zoo"

I really don't know when was the last time that I have been to Manila Zoo. I think that was when I'm still a kid. So thinking about it... it was that long. Now a lot of things had change and the whole Manila have certainly changed.

This is Maki's first time visiting the Manila Zoo. He has seen the animals at Wild Life in Quezon City but there are some animals that Maki hasn't seen. An example is the main attraction in Manila Zoo... the big and jumbo... Manny (I think) the Elephant.

Maki at first was in awe seeing a humongous animal in front of him. But later on he was able to gain up all his courage and tries to be "makulit". We roamed around and visited every animals available inside the Zoo. Maki keeps on pointing on the animals saying "yon pa" meaning "there's another one". Maki really enjoyed it. As remembrance of being their in Manila Zoo we bought Maki a Monkey Stuff toy that scream whenever you press the tummy.

This is for another treasure for Maki and of course for us too.



"Daddy Day Care : Preparing for Manila Zoo"

Today will be going to Manila Zoo and this is the first time that Maki he'll be seeing some animals. So will be preparing now and later maybe before lunch we're already set off for Manila Zoo.


Friday, February 12

"About Yesterday's Thought"

This is a follow up on yesterday's post. It is indicated in my post that I was waiting for the list which Cornyman was able to unearthed (his own experiment) and for him that seems to be cheating. Up to now he hasn't send any list. Though Cornyman hasn't send any list yet I was able to check those badges that he has posted on his article and I found some of the blogs that are not GHOST DROPPERS or CHEATERS because some of them were commenter on my blog. Also I have read all those responses and comments of all those were allegedly included in Cornyman's list. It's good to know that bloggers who knew that they didn't cheat are doing their best to clean their names. Besides Cornyman hasn't proven that all those on his list are truly CHEATERS.

I'm not changing sides or anything but I'm just one of the bloggers who are seeking for the truth. Cornyman indeed give some information that are relevant but still we have our own thoughts and notion of understanding. It's up to us to weigh and balance those informations in order to extract the truth. To be honest that was the first time I heard from Cornyman about the certain tool that can help(?) bloggers in dropping and I thanked Cornyman for that.

So for those who are upset or dislikes my post regarding Cornyman's list of cheaters I just would like to emphasize that the post was for those CHEATERS only. So if you know that you didn't cheat you shouldn't worry about anything.


Thursday, February 11

"Thoughts About Today"

Early this morning I was able to read some facts from Cornyman's blog regarding other bloggers who he thinks are cheating. Of course as our teachers in grade school always says "NO CHEATING!".

This really gives some GRRRHHH!!!! feeling about this. While I was trying my best to get into dropping on all of the required 300 which I really didn't get it done most often, this other bloggers are just lying lazy on their couch making their cheats work in just a few minutes. That's really GRRRHHHH!!!!! And worst of all I've been dropping fare and square on to their blogs to earn some EC points.

Now I think this is something that should be stopped. Once I get the list from Cornyman or I'll do my own experiment, I'll trim down all of my list for dropping. Thanks to Cornyman about this information because lately I've been doing some list that I will be using to ease up my PC on the load of opening many windows.

So to all CHEATERS play square okay!


Tuesday, February 9

"Finishing Touches"

Still working on the pictures and designs as souvenir for our big boss. Though I'm sleepy and already tired we have to finish it and be ready to print it tomorrow. I just hope that I don't have to make a big adjustments for the pictures and designs. It really entails much of my time. So I'll be crossing my fingers tomorrow!


"Survey Time for a Contest"

Good day to everyone! This is my follow up on the survey regarding a contest. I haven't got any response from any bloggers who read this blog. I'm hoping that if you happen to read this post please do respond and share your thoughts.

So here we go....

Winning Prizes?
EC Points
Gadgets (PSP, MP3, MP4, etc)
Graphic Design Service
Others free polls

Will you pay $1 as fee for a CONTEST FOR A CAUSE?
NO free polls

How long do you want the contest to run?
1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
1 Month free polls


Monday, February 8

"Monday Rush : Paranormal"

Early this morning, before going to work I was able to have a preview of the movie paranormal. Since it's morning and I don't have much time to watch it I just fast forward and view some of the parts.

When I got out of the house the weather is fair but the cool breeze of the north wind still chills within my bones. Though it's February already it is still cold. As usual it's rush time and most of the commuters wanted to get to their work as early as possible. The sun is already shining and started to peek through the cloudy sky. It's a hint that I'm already late it's because of that paranormal movie thing. The good thing is that the jeep is much full already and it don't have to stroll on the side of the road to get commuters. In other words it was fast but not fast enough to get me to our meeting place on time. Still, I'm late of about six minutes. One more good thing is that we're not late in the office we arrived at about 7:50 (I think). Another Monday rush. I' thinking what will happen next week?


Sunday, February 7

"Sunday Home Alone"

Maki and I were home alone today. Mommy went to the office to work while Lolo and Lola went to Cavite to accompany Lola Mommy, Tita Glenda, Johndel, and Isaac. They're going to stay in Cavite for a while and while having Johndel's medication. I'll be telling the story of Johndel and his illness on my later posts because I'll be asking for some help from you my readers. So for now it's about Maki and me.

Since we're home alone we can do everything we want to (maybe) but for sure mommy is always calling to check on us. So maybe later will be telling much of our story.


Saturday, February 6

"Daddy Day Care : Stay at Home"

Another Saturday and another Daddy Day Care. Not much activity today and the only thing that we're going to do today is stay in the house. Mommy's cooking and we're (Maki and Me) going to take a bath.

Not a very long day for us because time flies if you're having fun, especially with your child.


Friday, February 5

"Friday at Last"

Well it's Friday again and I can't wait to end today's office hours. Can't wait to have some time with my little hyper niƱo. I just pray that there will not much traffic this coming afternoon so that I can come home early. Still can't wait to end the day........


Thursday, February 4

"New Creation"

I'll be creating something new here in Yashiro. It will revolutionize my blogging and online activity. I just hope that I'll be able to finish it this weekend so that by next week it will up and running.

Also as part of some new creations I'll be asking you (readers) of some questions. Just feel free to express your thoughts and ideas.

What prizes do you want to win in a contest?

Will you pay a $1 as fee in a contest for a cause?

Will you participate in a long duration or short duration of the contest?

This are just the questions and I hope everyone will respond. Good day to all!


Tuesday, February 2

"Bilingual Child"

As I checked my email this morning I found an email from my very reliable and the title of the email was "Your 2-Year-Old: Ready for French?". As I thought to myself, well I'm already starting to teach Maki how to speak Japanese (LOL a little bit in a way).

Maki only started to talk with some clear words recently. We're teaching him to talk in English. I know it's a bit odd that a History major graduate and a nationalistic (slight) person like will teach my son some foreign languages first than our native tongue which is Filipino. Hay!!! Anyway Jose Rizal did learn many languages but still his heart belongs to his native land. Besides it is much easier for him to learn Filipino language than to learn English because most of the person in the house use Filipino language. Also we wanted him to learn to speak English as early as possible.

As usual, I click the link and read the article. Actually it's not an article but it's more of a response from different parents around the world who are member of the Most of them are teaching their kids to learn foreign languages. This enables them to comprehend with their friends or relatives who speaks their native language. Also they put an emphasize on the problems that they encounter while teaching their kids to learn two language at the same time. Kids really gets hard time in developing their language skills at first but later on develops much better as they learn two languages.

The response of different parents sure gives me an answer and it really proves that Maki is only experiencing what other kids are experiencing as well. Especially those who are learning two languages at the same time.

Well I'm planning to teach Maki more than two languages. Right now I think I'm in Grade 1 in learning Japanese. Sometimes I try to talk to Maki in Japanese. So good luck to us and I hope I learn Japanese first than my son.


Monday, February 1

"January Dropaholics"

Here are the TOP Dropaholics for the month of January. As always I'm extending my thanks for visiting my blog. Hope that you'll still visit my blog till next time.


wirez and circuitz business sphere jean squared

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holidaypicsphotosnapshots the one minute guide


"Monday Rush : Not Rushing Today"

Mondays has always been about rushing and everything fast but today it's different no rush today. The day just runs smoothly and calmly though there are some side things that is unwanted. The only rushing today is my thoughts for some random things that I wanted to do and wanted to finish before I run out of time to do it. Anyway I just pray that things always runs just like today.

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