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Sunday, May 9

Winner of the First Droplet

Our first droplet seems to be easy enough for everyone to guess it right. Though this is just a kick off for the whole month contest let's just hope that everyone can join and win some more prizes here. Our winner for our first droplet is Hopeful of She sure guess it right. The whole picture is the medicine dropper commonly used by parents for their babies specially when they need medications.
Here's the screen shot of the participants who commented and gave their answers.

So winner of the droplet kindly send the details on how we will send to you the cash.  Of course through paypal only.   To all who participates thank you and keep joining to our weekly draws.  Hope to see you soon.  

Don't forget to join our BIG EVENT that will run until May 31.  And that's not all.  There will be three more weekly events before the BIG EVENT.  See you there!



  1. Yepey, nanalo ako. Salamat.

    By the way, na add ko na yong contest badge mo dun sa sidebar ko.

    More power!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. okay just wait for it. Thanks for participating!


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