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Tuesday, May 3

Wanted: SPONSORS Update

I was so delighted that my call for bloggers and other people (if there may be) to sponsor my upcoming contest was so far getting good responses.  There are other bloggers, local and abroad, signifies their intention and are willing to commit to be one of the sponsor according to the specifications of sponsorships that I have provided.  You can view it here.

The month of May is already in and I still got few more weeks to campaign and ask for others, bloggers and non -bloggers to sponsor my contest.   It is a celebration of my blog and a celebration of life.  Not only that I am requesting for sponsorship but I am also requesting to please pray for the wellness and safety of my wife and our coming 2nd son.  So in advance I'll be thanking everyone and God bless.

So if there are still others who wants to be part of the celebration just visit the Wanted: Sponsor link, reply with your intention to sponsor, and commit which sponsorship details you want.
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