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Saturday, June 25

Daddy Day Care: Short Play

Today was a little bit short stay in the house because Daddy attended a seminar which is about promoting peace through technology.  I know some people would laugh about peace but I go for it.  My main reason in attending the seminar is to understand matters that I really should know first hand from people who knows it by heart and I'm disappointed on what I am expecting.  Anyway that's an introduction only I'll have another post about that you can read and learn from.

Okay since I got home around 7:00 the play time with my eldest son is not that much because I really have a very bad headache.  After resting for a while to at least wear off the headache my son tag me to play Plants vs. Zombies.   After a few minutes of playing, my head was really aching so bad that I requested my son to have a last game so that I could take a rest.  Though hesitant he followed me and he even helped me set up the bed (I sleep with them when I'm not feeling well).  I slept for a while.

Though it was a short play, having a little time with them is really one of the great moments that we, parents should not forget.  How about you?  How's your weekend with your family?
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