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Friday, June 24

Friday Toys: Pelican Stuff Toy

I have mentioned from my Friday Toy’s post last week that I’ll be having some featured toys on this blog. So starting today and until next month will be having different toys to feature every Friday. So without any further explanation and babbling, today’s featured toy is a Stuff Toy, a Pelican Stuff Toy.

Pelican1 Pelican2

When my son saw this Pelican Stuff Toy first thing that I ask is what does he remembers when he sees this kind of bird? He instantly replied about the movie Nemo. Yes, indeed it is one of the characters in Nemo but this one is not that exact character but only a Pelican Stuff Toy. The toy is just like any other stuff toy that you can find on the mall. It is made up of Polyester Fiber, Plastic Pellets, and synthetic foam to have a very huggable and squeezable feeling while holding it. It is soft, cool and comfy. The size is just right for a three year old kid to hold and hug it. The stuff toy is good for kids’ ages from three and up. My son loves to hug this little Pelican Stuff Toy.

Pelican3 Pelican4

What’s so special about this stuff toy is that it got a very different kind of feature that is attached to it, a very small plastic envelope that holds a paper in it. It is one of the features of Webkinz and it is inviting kids to adopt a virtual pet online in their website. The paper contains a secret code that can be use to access the Webkinz website. So kids who would really love to see these virtual pets online will just have to use the provided codes. Of course parents should always be there on your kid’s side whenever they are using the internet. So once you take home a stuff toy from Webkinz you’ll get also an instant access code to Webkinz virtual world. Have fun playing with the stuff toy and enjoy surfing the virtual world of Webkinz.

I’m pretty sure if you want to have one of this it is much available here in the Philippines now the only problem that parents would think is the amount of it. Wait for it and watch out for it in the market.

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