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Sunday, April 29

Daddy Day Care: Sunday As Well

I have always posted my Daddy Day Care duties during Saturdays but due to blogging events and other matters most of them were not posted immediately. Actually it seems that I'll be adding Sunday as well on my Daddy Day Care list of activities err not because my wife will be resigning from work and perhaps will be a full time mom to our kids and of course as a full time wife as well.  Hehehe!  (A not so evil laugh but quite a naughty laugh.)

Which ever day it is, for sure I will always have time to spent with my kids.  Play around, tag and tickle them, play with them on the computer, teach them or watch movie or TV together.

Unfortunately, some of my schedule activities and post for this blog has been taken over by other stuff, so as a result this made this blog less active on the blogging circulation.  I'm not sure if I will be able to put it back on the track but I will try and for the benefit of my readers I will put more good parenting article in it.

Let's all enjoy and learn together in this journey called life!
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