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Monday, April 9

SM City Sta. Mesa Payday Sale

Weekend and payday sale has always been looked forward by many people. It is the time where we spot and hunt for something great to wear but a little friendlier with our pockets. It should be because most of the commodities nowadays are getting higher and higher. Being wise of spending is what we need and what we should do.

March 30, 31 and April 1 was the best time for SM City Sta. Mesa to have its sale, aside from the fact that it was a payday, it was also the best time to promote and encourage people to join and participate the cal of saving the environment with the WWF's Earth Hour.

If celebrities does their mall tour, Maki and I did our mall tour as well. As in a mall tour! We went to three different SM City Malls and the first on our is the SM City Sta. Mesa. This is to make Maki get over with the dizziness when traveling and of course as part of our blogging as well.

Good thing that we arrived in the mall before it rains. The rain was really hard and I think it went for quite some time, so the stay inside the mall took longer than we are supposed to be.

Maki met Jollibee just in entrance of the mall and made a picture with him. Gladly, Maki wasn't scared with this mascot. We went to the cinemas and look for some upcoming movies and Maki take some time having pictures with the Avengers poster. Maki also take some time in the children's bag area and was hoping for me to buy him a new school bag. I just told him that we're not yet scheduled to buy a new bag. Then we went to the food court area and bought something to drink. Maki asked for a juice that he saw. It was a Calamansi Juice! I was amazed that he liked it very much.

SM City Sta. Mesa is not that big but it sure provide different items for their mall goers. From shoes to bags and from clothes to appliances. I think when I were in college I used to get some materials here to fill in for my projects. Though there were some areas that are being renovated still they were able to give convenience to their patronizers. Not really sure of what were those renovations but I'm sure they are cooking something good for mall goers. Hmm perhaps will try to get updates with that one or readers may guess as well on what will they be putting up on that area. Waah... I forgot which floor is that! Well I just write it down again when I visited the mall again, hopefully soon.

When the rain calms down we head on to our next tour!
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