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Saturday, May 26

Daddy Day Care: Before iBlog 8

My supposedly Daddy Day Care with the kids turns out to be Lola's day care.  Praise God to my very understandable in-laws.   My wife and I were able to attend this annual event, the iBlog: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit.   Sorry kids for staying the whole day at your Lola Lolit's house!  

Of course before we brought the kids to their grandparents we took care of them first.  Guess what time we woke up?  It's 5:30 (I think, clocks in the house are busted) in the morning and thanks to our very lovable baby, Gelo that we were able to get up that early.  Since, Daddy Day Care is very limited and time constraint, I  carried Gelo out of the bed and strolled him a little bit outside of the house.  He loves to have a walk in the morning.  My wife managed to prepare breakfast and readied all the things that they need during their stay at their grandma's house.  Maki get up as well and joined us in the preparation.

When everything is prepared we took turns in taking a bath and taking care of Gelo.  Then afterwards we went off to my in-laws house and delivered the kids.  It's very nice that the kid did cooperate this time and no tantrums.  Though we wanted to stay, still we wanted to learn more and this event is a great venue to know more.  Another thing is that this event happens only once a year.

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