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Monday, May 28

Monday Rush: 1st Day After The Weekend

It's Monday!   What just happened today?  Well, my day wasn't that memorable except from some few things that I forgot to bring with me because I was in a hurry not to miss the shuttle service.  That something is actually what is needed in order for me to survive this whole week.   Hmmm.... I just don't know if I will last the whole week here at my work place.  I know God is gracious, so I'm sure He'll be bringing light and abundance as I work my way for the whole week day.

Anyway aside from morning rush, this Pinoy Daddy Blogger is in desire to finish all tasks in order to get into my next project.  I really want to make that project come true.  I was out for quite some time so I really need to cope up with the lost time and finish those things ASAP.

So pray for me for this whole week!

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