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Monday, June 4

Monday Rush: Pancakes For Breakfast

As always, this Daddy Yashiro leaves the house around quarter to six or exactly six in the morning.  Waking up early dawn during Monday is a routine that I somewhat endures every week.  Not really used to it but it is really a burden to wake up first day of the week.  Since it is dawn my wife couldn't possibly get up that early also because she was too exhausted and sleepy whenever our little ones wakes up in the middle of the night so I don't force her to prepare breakfast for me.  Though sometimes and if she's able, she would prepare but mostly she's too tired and sleepy.  I understand that.

Recently, I was able to came across this food stand one morning as I was in a hurry.  They were selling pancakes for about Php6 each.  So I did try to buy two but I figured it that it's not enough for me.  This morning I did buy three of those pancakes and good that it is enough for my breakfast.  A rush breakfast for the Monday Rush.

The pancakes are quite good. It just got a nice texture and I can say that it is not mixed up with too much flour as additives.  Cooked good and sweetened just right.  For a price of Php6 each with a small of a saucer I can say that the cost justifies the price.

How about you, how do you cope with breakfast during the Monday rush?
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