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Friday, July 20

Handling Broken Promises to Kids

Yes broken promises! This is one of those days that you just can't keep that promise.  It's really hard to win back that trust from your kids if you keep on promising and breaking it as well.

It happened a month before, my wife and I made a promise to our eldest that we are going to watch a movie.   Since Madagascar 3 was about to be shown we promised that we're going to watch it.  So, days go by and every day my eldest son would mention about it.  Take note he always points at it whenever they were shown on TV commercials.  We promised to watch it on weekend.  Then few days before the weekend, unwanted things came up.  We're kind of short that week, though we have two free pass.  So I talked to my eldest son and explained everything.  At first he would not listen to what I'm explaining to him but later on he was pacified and understand that we're kind of short in finances that week.  I just told him that when it is released in DVD we will buy one and we're going to watch it.

I'm thankful that my son understand things.  It really pays off when you truthfully tell to your son everything what is happening in the house.  So in short, my wife and I was relieved that day but we really need to get that DVD once it is out.

So what you should do if you know that you won't be able to keep that promise?  Well here's some points according to what I have experienced.
  • Tell the truth about your present situation.  If you're broke tell him that you're broke.
  • Tell it ahead of time.  Don't tell it on the day itself.  Make sure to tell it days before the promised date.
  • Explain, explain and explain.  Explain it in a nice a calm manner. Don't get in rage if he cries you're just making it harder for him to accept it and it will make him feel bad about you.  
  • Be negotiable.  Kids can easily be pacified if you negotiate with them but of course if you make another promise make sure to do that.
  • Make sure your next promise is attainable.  Don't ever break that promise.
Hopefully it will help you in a way.

Another thing if you're going to promise another movie make sure to set aside funds for that or get your tickets ahead of time, whether it is a movie like the Madagascar 3 or Ice Age 4 , game like the PBA Finals, or concert like the Lady Gaga.  Just make sure of that.  Speaking of tickets if you're residing in the US has a line up of different concerts so if you want to watch get your mana tickets, ricardo arjona tickets, romeo santos tickets.  It would really ease you the hassle of cramming and lining up.

So how was it with you? 

Wednesday, July 18

BC Bloggers Meme: Family Bonding

I have been away for a few days because fever and body ache.  It was really hard to work in the house when most of the family are sick.  You get sick also afterwards!  Anyway thank God that all are well now and the two kids are just having their medication for their cough.  I praying that Gelo's cough wouldn't lead to asthma.

So for this weeks BC Bloggers Meme it is about Family Bonding and our host for this meme is Verna.  So if you want to know more of our weekly fun, better head to BC BLOGGERS first to join the group and then visit Verna's Family Bonding.

Speaking of Family Bonding, we do have lots of it and just recently my family had a shopping bonding moment at one of the malls here in the metro.  It was a sale and some of money to spent was courtesy of *totot* (hehehe) so we head on to the place to grab some few clothes for us.  We decided to have a sleep wear.  So here are some of the pics that we got during the shopping.

Then after the shopping we do some modeling of the clothes that we got from the sale.

Aside from this we also do different family bonding that would make our bonds more stronger.  Sometimes we stroll at Quezon City Memorial Circle or if we have some spare money to spend we would go to Tom's World and play some games there and win ourselves some stuff toys or some things that we could use in the house.  Also when all things aren't really well, we do our bonding moment in the house, play with the kids, run around the house, or do some movie marathon but of course we make sure to have intervals for the kids.  And probably one our favorite bonding moment is EATING.  Whether it is expensive or not we make sure have it together.

So perhaps that's how our family do our bonding moment.

How about you, how's your bonding moment?

Friday, July 13

Shutdown Because of A Suspicious Activity

Unfortunately and probably my Google or Blogger account was hacked because it automatically shuts down my blog site. I don't know how long it was down but when I checked it out this morning I couldn't log-in and it was saying the there was a suspicious activity going on with my site that's why they shut it down.  Hmmm.... I don't know what happened but same goes with my amazon account.

It seems that I forgot to updated all my passwords regularly.  This is one thing that I forgot to do.  I should at least change my password every quarter.  Just to be safe.  So lesson learned, I will do this password updating every quarter.  

Hay... what a start of the day?

Hmm... today is Friday the 13th.  Lucky day!  

Anyway, will pray to GOD to keep us safe and well.  GOD bless us all!  HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!

Wednesday, July 11

BC Bloggers Meme: A Photo Blog "Look At This"

The BC Bloggers Meme's topic are getting interesting every week.  If you want to join the fun just head on to the BC Bloggers site register and enjoy.  For this week's host is Shadz of Tone Down Vintage.

So, here's my entry for this week's BC Blogger Meme.  This is a picture of my sons, Maki and Gelo together with their toy.  So what do you think?  What story could you come up with it?

Tuesday, July 10

Parenting: No Toy Guns

Ever since that Maki and Gelo came into this world, Me and my wife wouldn't want to have any Toy Guns in the house. For quite some possible and understandable reason. If I may and for those who would ask me why, well, here are my answers.
  1. Toy Guns gives an idea to the kids that it is normal to play with guns. Maybe if they are old enough to undertand the idea of guns and the idea of being responsible when it comes to guns.
  2. Kids should be taught with good things and not teaching them to hold guns and start a war.
  3. In some cases, playing toy guns were the caused of some firing accidents because kids have taught that their parent's guns are just toys. 4. They might hurt other kids or themselves.
But of course some of the Godparents who are not well versed, yet, with us not having any toy guns in the house have already provide that gift. Yes, it's a gift and we are thankful to that but since Maki does not yet understand what is going about we just hid the toys and will just put it out when that time comes.

Recently, while doing my round ups of cleaning my email messages, I opened one of the message from a parenting site and it did catch my attention with its article entitled “Mommy Can I Shoot You?” It's quite disturbing that a son is asking his mom if he can shoot her. So I got curious and head on to the article itself. It was this mom's story about his son asking her to be used as a target by his son. She even explained that as much as possible she doesn't want to have any toy gun in their house but her husband is quite persistent to give their boys a present during the Christmas season.

Just like that mom, it's not that I don't want my sons to play toy guns but I want them to play with it when they are old enough to realize what is a toy and what is not. Also, I want them to be responsible enough when playing with their toy guns. Though it is a toy it would still hurt somebody.

What do you say about this?

Monday, July 9

Monday Rush: Quite Good

It seems that my Monday was quite good.  Doing the usual work and the usual extra work after office hours.    I don't have to rush on something.  It feels really good to have your Monday on a normal days.   The day just flow like it supposed to flow.

Though there were some tasks from the BC Bloggers that needs to be done but I know I could finish it right away.  I was late to finish that task because of my duty as a Dad in the house.  The commander of the house was sick during the weekend so I'm in charge of the house.  Making most of the online tasks set aside for a while.   Anyway, glad that my wife is okay now.

So how was your Monday?

Sunday, July 8

Daddy Day Care: Mom Is Sick, No Substitution

Last Thursday my wife, Angie, informed me through a text message that she was sick. She has fever and tonsilitis. When I read about this, I got worried about her and our kids. So when I came home from work I found my wife with jacket and jogging pants with fever. Hay... I think I'm in for a great weekend workout with the kids, plus a run with Fila and Athletes in Action School Run For School Rooms.

I started my Saturday at around 3:30 AM. It's the usual time that I woke up when ever there are runs that I'm attending to. So I went to the run, run and finished it. When the event is finished I went home tired and sleepy but of course I need to take care of the kids first, feed them and of course bath them. Since I was really sleepy I took the opportunity when our youngest son was taken by my father and took him for a walk. So I was able to take a nap, at least a few minutes, but when I woke up my head is aching.  Woo!   What a headache I should have slept longer.

After lunch I wash the dishes and clean a bit.  Took care of the kids again and have more bonding moments.  My wife felt a little bit better and joined with us but of course she needs to relax yet and not play to much.  When it's time for marketing, I ask my eldest son to accompany me to the marketing.   He's in good mood, he brought with him a bottle of water.  Just wonder why bring water in just going to the market.  Anyway so we went to the market but after every few meters he would stop and drink water.  Hay... kids!  So I just told him to hurry up because we might not get the good ones in the market.  Gladly he agreed and went on walking.  We bought chicken, banana and calamansi.  Just enough for our dinner together with my parents. 

We got home and cleaned the chicken.  Without any breading and with only marinated with calamansi juice, I fried the chicken.  Crispy and delicious, simple and tasty, that's how we cook chicken.  Then we have dinner.

Whew! No substitution from wifey but good thing that my parents are there to help us.  So my mother took the liberty of clearing the table and washing the dishes and me cleaning and washing the kids.  It's time for their bed time.  

A few minutes after my wife, Angie, wasn't feeling good again so she rested first.  The kids isn't sleepy yet so I let them roam around first and exhaust them to make them fall asleep but they were all really in hype.  I think they fell asleep really late and I'm also exhausted.  I was supposed to finish some articles but could let my eyes open more so I led myself to bed.   

The following day, Sunday, was more exhausting!

Now, it's really hard when one of the parents got sick!  That's why we, parents, as much as possible should not get sick.  

How about you, what do you when your spouse get sick?

Saturday, July 7

Dad On The Run: Returning

Pose before the run.  hehehe!
Well, since Dads need to stay fit and healthy with their kids here's one section that I'll be adding on to this blog as part of my personal growth. I, Daddy Yashiro, will be journalizing my runs, running events and my experiences about running. Of course the health benefits that I'm attaining from this as well. To be precise I will still note even my run during the weekdays which I'm sure I will only get seldom pictures and videos.

Okay, to start with this new journey of my life as father and as a runner my first journal would be this recently concluded FILA and Athletes in Action's School Run for School Rooms which was participated by different schools, agencies, and individuals. I think the runners went overa thousand, it was like a colony of ants.

I did share before that one of the blessings that I've received was the new set of running shoes and that's what I used. I'm very thankful for the generosity of FILA. Though I get a hard time scouting for the best shoes for my feet. My feet's shapes is quite extraordinary so I really need shoes that will not only fit but will give comfort to it while having a run.

The Fila Mentor Running Shoes.
So, the School Run for School Rooms was a good day to start my running again and also to have the FILA shoes tested.

I wore my singlet, which looks good on me and it fits okay. I also wore some light material shorts but I know it's not a specific shorts for running but it will suffice. Maybe in coming days and when I have extra budget I'll buy running gears but for now I will just use what ever materials that I have. Since my hair is quite long now I did wear a head dress to keep my hair in tact and also let the sweat sip in to that material.

Right before the gun shot
In every sports there should always be a warm up exercise to avoid muscle strains and injury so we were given a few minutes work out to stretch that muscles. Then we're ready, I'm ready. First gun shot was for the 10K runners. They have given 20 minutes interval for the 5K runners to prepare and settle in the starting line. 5K run category was a jampack, it's not easy to run when it's really closed like a sardines pack. I think I was able to have a good start a few hundred meters after the starting line. There were lots of first for me here, first time to run on a wet surface, first time to run with my new running shoes and first time to document my run.
Other runners.
Since this is my first time to experience to run in a running event on a wet terrain I somewhat have a little hesitation on where to land my feet. I really need to be very careful. Also running on a new shoes with less knowledge of its power to grip on the terrain to avoid any slip or accident. It is indeed a test run for me and the new shoes but after a kilometer I was able to get a hold the comfort of the shoes and it's grasp on a wet floor.

I'm running again and it feels great excreting those sweats but of course I don't want to overdo it so the run was 70% run and 30% brisk walk. I need to condition myself again for a full 5K run.

The whole stretch of the run covers different terrain that made my running quite interesting, the cemented road and the rough and water terrain which is good because it allows me to switch phasing in order to match with the situation I'm running on to. One thing that is not good about the run is that it only got two hydration station, one in the middle of the stretch and the other at the finish line. I have learned that from previous runs that we need to hydrate our body in order not to have any health problem and not put ourselves into a big problem.

Finish Line, the time indicates 52minutes and 30 seconds
which is the time of the whole category runs.  I finish the run
first then took the shot.  
I was able to finish the run in 31 minutes which is quite faster than my previous runs. This recent run is the best.

On stage are Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc and Tim Yap
So, this is my first journal of my run and watch out for more Dad On The Run!

Friday, July 6

Friday Toys: Puzzle

One of my son's favorite toys, this puzzle. He would always love to play with this puzzle. I'm not really sure how many variations they (my father and Maki) have made but it sure has lots of variations excluding the one the picture.

This puzzle was brought by my aunt from abroad and I think it was years before me and my wife got married. Imagine that it was more five years already and it is still being played by my son. The pieces of the puzzle has already been got lost and found and I think the other piece was made my father since they could not find it anymore. I'm sure it's just somewhere out there in the corner or under the cabinets.

It was great that Maki did enjoyed and learned solving this puzzle. Perhaps the next thing that we will teach to master was the rubik's cube which is somewhat a little more puzzling but I'm sure he'll learn it very soon.

Puzzles like this are highly recommended for kids but of course below 3 years old are not yet allowed to play with because most of its parts are choking hazard. If you want your 3 years old to play with it just make sure to be there and guide them to avoid accidental choking.

Be safe!

By the way I think I'll try to have some contest in the near future using this puzzle so better try to learn the pattern.

Proactiv Upgrade Promo

It's really nice having a clear face, it's not that much of a problem to bear. All you need is to just maintain it very well. Though, the city life make things unpleasant for the skin and face. It gives unwanted skin problem like acne that most of the time leaves a scar.

I got this one friend who really have an acne and it really affected him very much. Though she was beautiful she's too concious to go out and interact with us or to other people. That is because of her face problem, an acne problem. Most of the time she would just stay in house.

Not really sure, yet, if she has heard of Proactiv but I would definitely want her to try this product. Proactiv Solution does make sure their products works because they wouldn't offer a money-back guarantee if they are not 100% sure of it. Of course users need to follow the step by step solution in order for it to have its full effect. It is a great solution for those who have acne problems. I know it is just the right product that my friend needs.  I'm sure she'll have that testimonial as well.

Since I wanted to help this friend of mine, I visited the Proactiv website and find some possible information that I know she would want to know like the product information, testimonials of different users, money-back guarantee info and the best of all is their latest promo about an upgrade. So, I got curious and read the details of the promo. According to the website the promo is applicable only to Philippine territory and limited to residents of the Philippines only. For customers who bought Proactiv Kit from the Proactiv Online Shopping Cart during the duration of the promo period are entitled to an upgrade which entitles 50% or 60% discount on upgraded kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item.

Proactiv 30-day kit entitles a customer 1 Proactiv Extension item at 50% discount.

Proactiv 60-day kit entitles a customer 1 Proactiv Extension item at 60% discount.

Surprisingly, this promo will run until December 31, 2012 which gives me more time to save and buy her one set of proactiv kit and a proactiv extension. So if you're planning also to have this as a gift, which is great because of their promo, better check their site or their fan page Proactiv Solution Philippines and read more about the promo so you could learn more about it.

Tuesday, July 3

BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings!

Woohoo!  I'm hosting this Wednesday's meme and I'm so happy that it was chosen by most of the members of the BC Bloggers.   Thank you very much Paula for initiating a meme for us every week and to all a very big thank you!  I hope that everyone will have their time to count and share their blessings to everyone.

But before I start this meme I encourage others to join the BC Bloggers and have fun commenting and learning from different bloggers.  It's really fun reading and learning from each others experience!

Here's the title for our Meme this week

"Count Your Blessings! - Give at least five (5) blessings that you've received for the past week.  A little story would do."

Life is a blessing to us long! God gave that life to us that comes with a purpose and not just to live by what we believe that is good only to ourselves.  Sharing and loving is on of its purpose.  Whatever we do blessings are always there whether it is direct or indirect.  If it is truly for you then it will lead its way to you no matte what.  In my case just pray for it unceasingly.

For this past weeks, my family was indeed showered with so much blessings.  Given that we are really at our deepest, most especially in terms of finances but thank God those blessings came to us just in time when we badly need it.

Presently my wife is no longer working.  She resigned from her work a few months ago.  She couldn't bear leaving the kids at home and she's already annoyed with her boss, so she quit.  Leaving us one source of income with still a huge amount of debt.  That's our life for now. We are still struggling, coping, and praying to get out of that situation.  I know it will come sooner!

So here are the blessings that I have received for the past week.  I do hope it will be a blessing to as well!

Me, posing on a Ducati Motorcycle. 
  1. My Life - It is an everyday blessing for me because I'm still alive and here as of this moment writing or have written this meme. I consider being alive everyday a great blessing from God.  

    Me and My Family.
    My Wife and My Two Kids enjoying a ride.
  2. My Family - Of course I'm always grateful to the Lord for keeping my family safe and well.  I'm also thankful that my family enjoys every moment that we spent even it is that not extravagant.

  3. My Son, Gelo.
  4. Our Baby Gelo's Health - Baby Gelo is a premature baby, if you have read my story "A Blessing and A Trial" last year you would have known how much we strive to keep Gelo healthy.  That's why everyday that Gelo is healthy and well is a blessing for me. 

  5. One of the tokens / gifts we recieved.
  6. Tokens and Gifts - Yes it is a blessing for me and my family because those tokens and gifts came just in time that we need them.  We weren't expecting those to come but God truly knows when we are really in need that He directs things to come to His children.

    My new pair of shoes.
  7. A New Pair of Running Shoes - I have been praying to have a new running shoes since late last year because the one that I'm using was already worn off.   Though, it may still be used for protecting my feet when.   The only problem is that the soles were uneven already.  So I was thankful that one of my prayers were answered and thanks to FILA for being part of God's instrument.  It is indeed a blessing.

  8. Invites to Different Events - Being invited in an event is an honor and covering events means you got some edge in doing your part as a blogger in which I consider it very much as a blessing.  

  9. Additional Allowance - This one is totally out of radar because most of us in the office knows when and what kind of bonus or allowance will be deposited in our payroll account but this one is unknown.   And thank God again it just came when least expected.  
So, how about you what are the blessings you've received this past week?  Share it with us.

Sunday, July 1

Kids Are Always Affected

In the family Kids always end up as shock absorber of the turmoil and conflict between parents.  It is really unlikely to have an intense conversation when kids are present, or worst physical contact.  I'm not a Psychology graduate or knows much about kids but as a parent and based on my experience, kids do have certain negative emotions and feelings when parents are fighting or having an intense conversation.  That's why as much as possible we would discuss things when kids are not around but there are times that kids are there and I can feel that they are much affected with it.  So, we would stop and have it in a more private room.  There are just times that parents do converse with each other and it is one way to settle things between the two.  Also, I think it is a part of a growing relationship as long as physical contact and verbal abuse does not goes with it.

While having my comment exchange round ups I read on Paula's blog about the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  It was really shocking to know that this sweet couple ended up like this.  What's worst is that their daughter will endure the outcome of their divorce.

I don't know why is it that most celebrity couples don't last that long, knowing that they are always seen publicly and most people look up onto them as role model.  Though there are some that truly live up of being a role model.

I'm not a perfect husband and a perfect dad but I don't want, as much as possible, to let my kids suffer from any decision that me and my wife does or will do. I don't want to deprived them of their rights.

How about you?  What are your thoughts about kids being affected?

Daddy Day Care: Unexpected Tantrums and Event Conversation

Since my eldest son knows already what we (me and my wife) are doing every time that we are away from home (me aside from my work), just today a conversation came in with regards to events.

After the Church Service, my eldest son craves for McDonald's.  We don't know why he craves for it but it just suddenly came from him that he wanted to eat at McDonald's.  With our present situation, spending much is really not good for us but since we don't want him to make too much tantrums my wife decided to treat him to McDonald's.

While having our dinner my son suddenly mentioned something about events and I was amazed that he did knows that much already.  He said to his mom "Mom you don't have events today?"  It was really nice to know that he already understand things that we are doing but of course his craving for McDonald's is not good.

Afterwards we did try to explain to him about his actions that we don't want him to do that again.  It's not really good when kids starts their tantrums out of nowhere.  Anyway, I think everything will be settle if we constantly talk to him and explain much more.
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