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Tuesday, July 3

BC Bloggers Meme: Count Your Blessings!

Woohoo!  I'm hosting this Wednesday's meme and I'm so happy that it was chosen by most of the members of the BC Bloggers.   Thank you very much Paula for initiating a meme for us every week and to all a very big thank you!  I hope that everyone will have their time to count and share their blessings to everyone.

But before I start this meme I encourage others to join the BC Bloggers and have fun commenting and learning from different bloggers.  It's really fun reading and learning from each others experience!

Here's the title for our Meme this week

"Count Your Blessings! - Give at least five (5) blessings that you've received for the past week.  A little story would do."

Life is a blessing to us long! God gave that life to us that comes with a purpose and not just to live by what we believe that is good only to ourselves.  Sharing and loving is on of its purpose.  Whatever we do blessings are always there whether it is direct or indirect.  If it is truly for you then it will lead its way to you no matte what.  In my case just pray for it unceasingly.

For this past weeks, my family was indeed showered with so much blessings.  Given that we are really at our deepest, most especially in terms of finances but thank God those blessings came to us just in time when we badly need it.

Presently my wife is no longer working.  She resigned from her work a few months ago.  She couldn't bear leaving the kids at home and she's already annoyed with her boss, so she quit.  Leaving us one source of income with still a huge amount of debt.  That's our life for now. We are still struggling, coping, and praying to get out of that situation.  I know it will come sooner!

So here are the blessings that I have received for the past week.  I do hope it will be a blessing to as well!

Me, posing on a Ducati Motorcycle. 
  1. My Life - It is an everyday blessing for me because I'm still alive and here as of this moment writing or have written this meme. I consider being alive everyday a great blessing from God.  

    Me and My Family.
    My Wife and My Two Kids enjoying a ride.
  2. My Family - Of course I'm always grateful to the Lord for keeping my family safe and well.  I'm also thankful that my family enjoys every moment that we spent even it is that not extravagant.

  3. My Son, Gelo.
  4. Our Baby Gelo's Health - Baby Gelo is a premature baby, if you have read my story "A Blessing and A Trial" last year you would have known how much we strive to keep Gelo healthy.  That's why everyday that Gelo is healthy and well is a blessing for me. 

  5. One of the tokens / gifts we recieved.
  6. Tokens and Gifts - Yes it is a blessing for me and my family because those tokens and gifts came just in time that we need them.  We weren't expecting those to come but God truly knows when we are really in need that He directs things to come to His children.

    My new pair of shoes.
  7. A New Pair of Running Shoes - I have been praying to have a new running shoes since late last year because the one that I'm using was already worn off.   Though, it may still be used for protecting my feet when.   The only problem is that the soles were uneven already.  So I was thankful that one of my prayers were answered and thanks to FILA for being part of God's instrument.  It is indeed a blessing.

  8. Invites to Different Events - Being invited in an event is an honor and covering events means you got some edge in doing your part as a blogger in which I consider it very much as a blessing.  

  9. Additional Allowance - This one is totally out of radar because most of us in the office knows when and what kind of bonus or allowance will be deposited in our payroll account but this one is unknown.   And thank God again it just came when least expected.  
So, how about you what are the blessings you've received this past week?  Share it with us.

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