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Sunday, October 21

Best Way To Teach

Did you know that most of the things that we learn are through visual.   Yes, the sense of sight is the number one teacher among the five senses.  We acquire learning through our eye sight.  Kids learn more through the help of bright colors that are being in the toys and visual aids in schools.  Helping them remember because of the color, images and figures.

As a parent, helping our kids learn things are really hard because there are things that are hard to explain through words and most of them needs pictures or visual aids in order for them to remember that and of course convince them also.

Recently, my son and I are having discussion.  He doesn't want to eat and keeps on saying that he's still full even though he hasn't eaten anything.     So, I tried to explain that he was blessed because he still got food to eat unlike those children in the street asking for food  and begging.  At first he was still persistent not to eat but when I said that I'll show him the picture of the kids who doesn't have anything to eat, he got curious and ask if he could see it.  So, I showed him the pictures.  Searched Google for pictures of the kids in hunger and I got the result.  Showed it to him and ask plenty of question but the good news is that he ate after that.  Then remembers also the one that I said before about the escalator incident that happened to a child, so I showed it also to him and perhaps he will stop playing in the escalator when we go out.

So, basically, children learn things more when it is being shown to them whether it is pictures, animations or anything through their eye sight.  So we parents should be vigilant on what our children sees and watches.  Keep them safe!
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