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Monday, October 29

Monday Rush: Accident, Traffic, Late

A view of the accident from the bus.
Another moody Monday for me!  It's a late Monday!  It's really hard to get off to work when the kids are all awake.  Leaving them breaks my heart but I do hoped that they understand it that Daddy needs to go to work.

I wasn't able to get in time with the shuttle that forced me to commute and on my way to work different hurdles pops up that really caused me to be very late.  First, there were few passengers jeep to SM North which I plan first but was forced to take the route to HiWay.  Second, the bus going to Balintawak is quite like having a walk under the moon light.  And the third which is the most, there was an accident along the North Luzon Expressway which caused delay and traffic.  I really came very late in the office.

That's what happen to me this morning and I'm still thankful to the Lord because I was blessed that I managed to be in office safe and sound.
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