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Monday, October 15

Monday Rush: In The Comfort Room

Monday again!  It was my routine to wake up early and prepare for work but this Monday was unusual err something like that.  It was dawn and woke up early than my scheduled alarm.   I was awoken by the growling sound of my stomach.  I thought I was dreaming but I was quite sure that I'm not.   The first I did was jump off from the bed and went straight into the comfort room.   Not sure if the food the night before made my stomach lose its bowel movement.

Not really sure of the cause but it really made a horrible sound when it growls.  I just don't know if it made a horrible smell as well but I'm sure fart is a fart so whether you ate a fine delicacy or a simple dish, one thing is for sure the fart will smell bad.

Anyway I think I've spent almost  an hour in the comfort room trying to comfort my tummy.  Worst, I wasn't able to go to work that day and the only rush that happened was the rush to the comfort room.   At least after a few hours of suffering from uneasiness I got my comfortable self again.  I just made what I can do that day since I don't have much to do that particular day.

How about you, what do you do when you're having a loss bowel movement?
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