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Monday, November 12

Bowl and Potty Training Gelo

I couldn't remember if I have posted something about potty training Maki before but I sure did buy him a potty that he could use whenever he wanted to go popo or wewe.   Yes, we call popo if he wanted to loose some material from his stomach and wewe when he wants to empty is gal bladder.   Though we haven't trained him on the potty trainer he did learn to do on a bowl but it sure did had some long hours of convincing and crying before.  Hay....  at least it was over for him but not for our little one, Gelo. We still have to teach him how and when to go to popo and wewe.

Speaking of bowl, well, that's we're having problem because our toilet bowl is not the most advanced technology of toilet bowls. Unlike those hotels that have dual flush toilet bowls which makes it more easy for them to clean. While we have to stack water first before we do the magical thing and flush it with pouring the water straight into the bowl. That's where it got messy sometimes specially if my son, Maki is the one in the comfort room. Sometimes he doesn't get all the yucky materials flushed so we need to flush it again to clean it up. The problem would be, what if there's a visitor next in line with Maki? Whew that would be really embarassing!

Hmmm... I just don't know when we'll be having a nice toilet bowl. Perhaps or maybe once we renovated the house. We'll see, soon!
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