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Tuesday, November 13

Daddy Yashiro's Journal On

Guess what folks?  Daddy Yashiro has been featured!  Yes, yours truly and this blog has been featured in one of the online community of bloggers called the  Well, I'm not really expecting this but it's really flattering that this blog has been chosen as one of the Editor's Pick of the Day.  I think it was featured a few weeks ago but wasn't able to write something about it earlier.

Imagine out of the numerous members of this online community, yours truly was picked and featured on their wall for all the members to see it.  Hmmm.... around the world which is a great opportunity not only for having a volume of traffic but to showcase what I have, my story and my thoughts.  It's something that others might learn with or relate with.

This is a first time experience and it was really overwhelming seeing your profile on the home page of the site.  It's a rare experience so I'm bragging about it.  How about you have been featured to something that is open to the world?  If you do have I do hope that you could share it here through your comments.  I'll be waiting!
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