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Thursday, December 27

Dads and Moms, How's Your Christmas?

Designs on one of paper of Max's Restaurant on their tables,
this means Merry Christmas!
Holiday has indeed landed on Dads and Moms houses, tables are filled with delicious goodies and different tasty foods, and the kitchen has indeed been very busy plus dirty. Hey, that’s Christmas and for most of the people who celebrate this season, food is one of the best way to keep the whole family in one table and since Christmas is about sharing and giving that’s one of the reason why Moms and Dads let their hands busy, preparing food during Christmas Eve for the whole family.

Well for us, we did cook some few dishes and my wife is the boss of the night so what I did was just to assist though most of the cleaning falls under me. My only complain was that we didn't have a bigger countertops and wider kitchen sinks to accommodate all the mess that my wife had made during that night. We don’t have concrete countertops what we have was just a plain old tiled countertop which is I know a vintage already because most of the countertops now are way cooler. Perhaps we’ll have that once we get a bigger house. Hahaha!

At 9 PM, I think, we finished cooking four dishes and some desserts as well. The dessert that I've made was tragic. I admit it was indeed a tragedy and it’s again part of the “Bacham” (Bacham is chamba, a mere luck in cooking) cooking of a Dad. Anyway I did learn my lesson on dessert that night. Stick to the recipe and if you’re going to experiment make sure it’s good. So what do we have that night well just some grilled liempo, cheese sticks, hotdogs, and of course our all time favorite the Spaghetti. Mwuah! Pasta mia! Haha!

the simple cute designs on foods that I created for the kids.
To further complete the night of good old Christmas spirit we went to my in-laws house and stayed there till 11 PM. They got games for the kids and of course an event will not be complete without a videoke. I think all the kids and kids wannabe sung their heart out.

We ended the night and rest to get ready for the following day.

How about you, how was your Christmas?
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