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Tuesday, December 18

Dad's Tools For Child Proofing

This past weekend I was supposed to do some fixing in the house, unfortunately err it’s better to say fortunate because there are some opportunities that came to my schedule. A Dad got to do what he got to do and the opportunity is good indeed, so I postponed the fixing and grab the opportunity plus it was our anniversary so wife and I should have a night out as well. Having so much things to work on to I think wife and I needs some good relaxing even for a while.

So, after the night out and some good opportunity I was back in the house, planning what should I do with the appliances in the house. The kids are playing with the DVD player and the TV so I really need to think whether to place these appliances above where the kids won’t reach it or perhaps just the DVD player. It’s hard trying to make the house child-proof, even harder without some tools to use to fix the stand and bases for the appliances. I only got some few tools in the house that is capable of addressing the problem. Since it’s holiday season and there are lots of sale in different store, I tried to look if there tools that are for sale so that I could buy one that is needed. I think one of the tools I’ll need is a drill. Well unfortunately I didn’t find any good sale and most of the prices are beyond my budget. Better look for more.

Since I tried looking on some store I might as well try to look for something online. I was just hoping to find some good tools also aside from the power drill that I was looking. While checking I found this otc tools term that made me think what it is. As for some common abbreviation when you say otc it means over the counter, so I’m a bit confused whether it is an over the counter tools or it’s a name of a brand but anyway looking for the item that I want to buy is a little bit exciting but if I can't find a good sale I might end up borrowing from my friends who has power tools.

If you’re a Dad where do you get your most trusted tools? And if you’re a Mom where do you bring your husband for a good bargain of tools?
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