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Friday, December 7

Friday Toys: Lego Ferrari

At last, I finally got a hold one of the Shell Lego Ferrari Series.  It's my initiative of having at least one car, if the whole set, of every Shell Ferrari model car series.  I've been collecting Ferrari cars since I got a whole set on 2007 and that was the first time I had a Ferrari Model cars from Shell.  So since then I started collecting their model cars.  It's really great seeing cars on display.  It was like an achievement and a story to share with others who loves to collect cars.

Thanks to Mommy Corrine for helping me get my first Ferrari Toy car for this series.  I do hope to collect them all before the end of its promo.  I think I'll be needing more fund to get at least more than one set.

So how to assemble this Lego Ferrari Car from Shell?  Well, here it is a step by step assembling of the toy aside.

For those who might be asking if this toy will be shared with my kids... well, perhaps the extra set.  Hahaha.  This is to be considered as one of the Toys for the Big Boys.   A collection is a collection that's why I'm always telling my kids that the one displayed in our cabinet is not for playing.  I also tried to explain to them that it is our collection, not only mine but the whole family collection.

For those who wanted to collect, especially toy cars, it's really great collecting something that you like  and something that you love to have.  For me I think it would a good legacy to impart to your love ones, especially if the collectors item's price goes beyond its old value, they becomes more valuable to those who collects.

How about you?  What are your collections?
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