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Thursday, November 29

Christmas Launches of SM Malls

This past few week ends were quite interesting, exciting and tiring.   Interesting because I get to see different designs and themes of SM Supermalls Christmas Themes.  They sure give emphasis on their centerpiece designs and some of them were very secretive that they don't want to spoil the idea of unveiling it to the public.

Gladly, in some of the Christmas Launches of different SM Malls, I were there to witness it and have a picture as well but in some well we just be thankful that facebook is there to have access on pictures and images of other people who have been to the event.

So here are some of the pictures of the different Christmas launches of SM Supermalls.

SM City Manila Centerpiece

Lighting of the Centerpiece of SM City Manila
with Mayor Alfredo S. Lim
SM City Manila with the Children from Caritas
Hello Kitty Christmas Launch At SM City North EDSA
Hello Kitty in a vintage car.
Other Hello Kitty characters.
Madagascar Christmas Adventure in SM City Fairview
These are some of the places that we've been, meaning me and my family.  So have you been to one of these SM Malls and visited their Christmas centerpieces?  Well if you haven't better go there and bring along the kids they will sure enjoy looking at them.  Of course they will also enjoy taking pictures and posing beside it.  Enjoy your lakwatsa!

Tuesday, November 27

Monday Rush: Completing Materials

I know it's quite late to post my Monday Rush but I just want to share something that I have been getting busy this past few days.  Early Monday morning err late Sunday evening I have already packed the materials that I'll be needing, old magazines, old brochures, old pictures, and some paper/board materials.  It was quite heavy but I still manage to bring it along Monday morning.

Evening, after I got home from the office I tried to cut and paste some of the needed figures and drawings on the board paper.  It's quite lame for now and it still needs more images to come out with my desired portrait of the project.

So cut, cut, cut, and then paste, little that I know I have already past my scheduled time to sleep but I was still eager to complete the project.  Few more minutes and my eyes were already having it's own brain and starting to move the eyelid down and down and down.   Boom and I'm out of commission, the next thing I know it was already morning.  I was really tired and sleepy that night.  To my desire of finishing the project I have taken for granted again my sleeping time.   Too bad I wasn't able to finish it but will have it this week.  Hoping that the long weekend would help me complete it.

If you're wondering what's that project well better wait and I'll share it here very, very, very soon.

Friday, November 23

Friday Toys: Star Wars Lego

I've been a fan of this toy since I was a kid.  My aunts used to send some of these toys but of course we only get the smaller ones, the big ones or the scene types are really costly for her to avail so we are just contented with the small and cheaper ones.  Still, I'm thankful with my aunts for sending those toys because it opened a really great imagination for me.  I was able to create things out of those materials and beyond the images that it suggests to build.  It was an awesome playing time.

Thursday, November 22

Biking Tips From A Non-Riding Dad

Have you observed recently? There are quite a number of motorcycles already running around not only in the provinces but also in the metro. As I observed before motorcycles are commonly used in provinces as their means of trasportation but lately it seems that the number of motorcycle users in the metro have already increased for some reasons.

Wednesday, November 21

Snoopy's Holiday Street Fair

In celebration of 60 years and counting of Snoopy Happiness and in anticipation of the holiday season, Snoopy will once again brighten up every family’s holiday spirit as we invite you to the “SNOOPY’S HOLIDAY STREETFAIR” on November 24, 2012 at the New Glorietta Activity Center! And guess what? It’s a triple celebration because we are launching our Snoopy teens wear and also opening our new Snoopy concept store, Beagle Place!

Friday, November 16

Friday Toys: Improvised Car

Friday toys again people and I'm sure most of you are wondering about the price of the wiggling animal toys that I have posted.  I think there were two who tried to guess the amount and one of them got a little bit closer but it still not the exact amount.  If you're following most of the toys that I features here they are not that pricey.  Most of them are budget wise, since we're not that rich.

Daddy Yashiro's Entries for Pony Show Off 2

image from PONY
Hi guy!  Daddy Yashiro will be asking and needing all the need that he can get from online friends, readers, acquaintances, and more.  Just a brief a story about this post for today.  I have been busy a bit this past few months torturing my mind on what shall I create as my entry for this competition, since this is the second year that they have it I think they'll make it annually.  It's poster art competition with a theme of "Let's Get It On".  So basically the thoughts will revolve around that theme and participants can use different kind of medium.  This is my second year and for his year I have created three entries in which I squeezed my brain really hard for these entries.  Hopefully I could nail the top prize for this year.

Tuesday, November 13

Daddy Yashiro's Journal On

Guess what folks?  Daddy Yashiro has been featured!  Yes, yours truly and this blog has been featured in one of the online community of bloggers called the  Well, I'm not really expecting this but it's really flattering that this blog has been chosen as one of the Editor's Pick of the Day.  I think it was featured a few weeks ago but wasn't able to write something about it earlier.

Monday, November 12

Monday Rush: Blood Rush HB

Hayyy... Monday was a sure blood rush.  I didn't know if my blood pressure went up or not but one thing is for sure I got dizzy and my world started to move and turn around.  I don't have any means or apparatus to check it instantly that's why I decided to stay home for a while and have a rest.

Bowl and Potty Training Gelo

I couldn't remember if I have posted something about potty training Maki before but I sure did buy him a potty that he could use whenever he wanted to go popo or wewe.   Yes, we call popo if he wanted to loose some material from his stomach and wewe when he wants to empty is gal bladder.   Though we haven't trained him on the potty trainer he did learn to do on a bowl but it sure did had some long hours of convincing and crying before.  Hay....  at least it was over for him but not for our little one, Gelo. We still have to teach him how and when to go to popo and wewe.

Tips and Tricks: Catching Mosquitos

Container and Baby Oil
We all know that the dreaded Dengue Virus is already spreading throughout the different communities and it is getting worst whenever the rainy season comes.   So we really need to take extra precautions and maintenance as well just keep the the Dengue Virus away from our community.

Saturday, November 10

Friday Toys: Furry Animals That Wiggles

Friday time again and its time for Daddy Yashiro's Friday Toys.    Well, we've been a very good fan of animal plush toys and we have been featuring these kind of toys here in our Friday Toys, I think most of the toys that featured here are plush toys.  It's not that they're cuddly and cute but it has its purpose because of my kids.  I think the number one reason is their safety.   Yes, we wanted for the kids to play safe and having toys that is not harmful let them enjoy their playing time.  Perhaps another reason is that most plush toys are affordable.  Just like what my eldest son, Maki, would say "Daddy, Mommy pasok sa budget!" which means "just right in the budget."

Friday, November 9

Moms and Dads Visit Baby Carnival

Baby Carnival: A Pre-Christmas Bazaar is organized by Online Mommy Sellers which will be held at the Parkside of Filipinas Heritage Library this Friday, November 9, 2012 from 4pm to 10pm.  This event is part of their campaign to have more toys and books which will be given for the children in White Cross Orphanage located at San Juan and for the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.  So, they're holding this bazaar with a minimal fee to have that toys and book drive.

Saturday, November 3

Bonding Moment: Bonding Through Colors

What's the most interesting things that kids would together their Moms and Dads?  Well, for one, strolling around the mall is quite okay if the they teens already.  Two, dining out in a restaurant but of course Mom and Dad would be restraining to order more to cut some expenses.  But I think the best of all that both kids and the parents would love would be doing some artworks.  Yes, it is fun, it is cheap, and besides gives more time for the kids development.

Friday, November 2

Friday Toys: Lego Ferrari

Nice!  Shell has something new to offer this year but it's not the usual Ferrari Model Toy Car.  I'm sure those  Dads out there who are collecting Ferrari Toy Cars will sure love to have an entire set of this offering from Shell.  Me, I sure would love to have not just one set but three set perhaps, one for me, for Maki and for Gelo.   Hahaha!  My only problem would be how to get it because according to our company's drivers this only caters to those who gas up with V Power Nitro+ and they are gassing up a different a kind.  This is really a problem.

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