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Thursday, January 31

Top 5 Cars For Teenagers in 2013

Image from
Buying a teenager their first car can be an anxious process that involves a lot of pushing and pulling from both sides. Parents only want to think about ensuring the safety of their children, while the teenagers only want to think of how cool their car will look, as they want to be cool driving to school. The best cars for teens are, indeed, safe cars, as teenagers have the highest crash and accident rates among any age group, which makes sense given that they are beginning drivers. So cross sports cars off the list, as teens would be tempted to drive too fast or pull risky driving stunts. Trucks are also not recommended, as they are too easy to roll over. Subcompacts, while affordable, do not offer enough safety for passengers in an accident. Here is a list of the top 5 cars for teenagers in 2013.

Top 3 Cartoons That My Kids Watch

Last Monday and Tuesday, I was drawn to stay in bed due to fever.  Thank God that it didn't get worst and I was able to recover fast.   For that two days I was able to watch or let's just say heard what my kids are watching early that morning, though it is not advisable to let your kids watch often make sure to moderate it.  I think this has been their morning rituals.

I think this is the top 3 cartoons that I'm sure my kids don't want to miss watching.  Though it was good that they translated it locally, it does not help the kids learn English at their early age I find it different when watching it.  So what are these three,  Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Manny, and Jungle Junction.

Image from

Tuesday, January 29

Praying For Our Dream House

I don't know where this photo came from and this is not mine but I truly like this.  

Two years from now I'm dreaming and praying that we will have our own dream house with a garage for our dream car as well. My wife and I will pray and work hard to achieve that goal for our kids. They are now growing and we wanted have a bigger house for them. Time is running so fast that perhaps the next thing we knew they're all grown ups already, so we want to have their early years with a good memory of our dream house. A house with complete rooms, of course both of them at least should have each room aside from the master's bedroom and the guest room. So it should be from the master bedroom up to the garage. Pretty neat!

Monday, January 28

The Old Days of Taking Pictures

Last weekend I was able to ransack old stored boxes in our cabinet. I was cleaning the house and was able to clean that portion of the house. The boxes is where we store some old things that we haven't use or will not be use but it is still useful us. Out of curiosity I tried to look again what's inside that boxes. I was surprised to see that most of our pictures during the pre-digital age of camera were there and I think the last time I see them is when Maki was still a baby.

Monday Rush: Daddy On Cold Rush

image from

It's Monday again and I thought I'll be able to go to work today.  Unfortunately, the stress and the weather yesterday kicks into me that made me weak.

Dawn this morning the cold rush kicks in and I wake up my wife to give me jacket and jogging pants.  I was really cold and shivering.  Later on I ask for a medicine and praying to heal me instantly.  It's not really good for me to be in bed long.  

Sunday, January 27

Daddy Day Care: A Party and A Portion of A Tooth

The Pinoy Daddy Blogger has came through this day with less a portion of a tooth.  Yup!  I lost I think 1/3 of my tooth today but before that Me, my wife and the kids enjoyed the day with the celebration of one of our previous Pastor's youngest daughter.  At first my wife wasn't with us so preparing both the kids are really effort, stressful and tiring.  Though, we manage to get prepared and be at the venue ahead of time.  I was thankful enough that my younger sister and with her family decided that we go together.  Thank God!  At least I will have someone to pacify Maki or Gelo when things get worst.

Friday, January 25

Friday Toys: One Direction Dolls

Image from Toy Kingdom

I know this is not the usual toys that I'm sharing on my Friday Toys but I just want to share this as well here on our Friday Toys segment.  First of all this is the first time that I've seen a boy band being put into a doll.  I think the only singer that I've known been put into a doll is Michael Jackson.  

Thursday, January 24

One, Checked!

I think I have reserved enough my excitement of sharing what just transpired a few days ago.  Since I can't keep it any longer I might as well tell what was it all about.  I'm titling this post as ONE, CHECKED!  It's not about a pay check that I got from one of my sidelines but it's a Check that marks one item that I've prayed to have.  Remember my Christmas Pray List last December? Well one of them has just been answered.  Me and my wife were very thankful and happy that one of my Pray List was answered.  God truly answer prayers, it may not be instantly but in His time.  He make sure that you get it in the right time that you truly need it.  You just lay to Him what was it, be specific don't generalize it, and He will do the rest.

Saturday, January 19

Daddy Day Care: Animal Ride

It's the animal ride!  Yup, all three of us rode in just one animal.  I forgot what animal we rode with but it's one of those moving animals where you slip in two 5 peso coins in it and press the start and hit the pedal then you're on your way for a wonderful ride.  Maki and Gelo have a great time riding it but of course I have to most of the time navigate and direct the wheel to the direction without people.  Maki is a little bit reckless when driving the animal ride.  I think this is the second time that Gelo rode the animal ride.

Friday, January 18

Friday Toys: Snake Pillow

Snake Pillow images from Toy Kingdom

Okay for today's Friday Toys I'm getting off first from my kids toys and have something from one of the well known toy store locally (Philippines).  I've just seen this on their Facebook page and the color captured my attention.  Since it's the year of the snake we might as well have some ssssnake toysss in this portion.

Thursday, January 17

How Lock Picking Works

Losing your keys is every homeowner's worst nightmare, and matters are not helped when that loss means that you cannot get back into your property. Whether you have simply mislaid the keys, left them in the office, or had them stolen, the effect is the same, the loss of access to your home. In cases like these, picking the locks might be the best solution to getting back through your own front door. Although you might choose to call in a professional locksmith, who can get you in without alerting the police, in an emergency, it is possible to pick your own locks.

There are a wide variety of locks used in modern family homes, from the large Yale locks to deadbolts and other multi-key locks. All of these are difficult to get into, even with a key, and picking the lock is not as easy as it seems on TV. The majority of locks found in the home are the basic Deadlock, which uses a cylinder barrel to secure the door. Without a key, it can be very difficult to turn this cylinder and get the door to open. Picking the lock requires that the user find a way to turn the bolt without having the key.

Monday, January 14

Monday Rush: Monday Crisis

The first half of the first month of the year has ended and it’s really an unpleasant start of the year for us but thank God help is always there when you needed it. God really knows the timing and when to shower it. Though it was unpleasant we are still looking forward for a good year to come and we’re, as much as possible, eradicating that negative vibes. Good vibes, good thoughts, and more prayers!

Speaking of crisis, just early this morning while I was crossing one of the footbridges in the Commonwealth Ave area I’ve noticed that the flooring of that bridge is already not in good condition. The metal sheet is already worn out and I don’t know how thin it is already but I can feel under my feet that it wasn’t that strong enough. I don’t know much about metal construction but I know it’s really worn out and any time now it may cause accident. For me, I’m a bit frightened that’s why when I cross there I make sure to walk on the safe path. I forgot the term but it’s the frame where the metal sheet is riveted or wielded.

Sunday, January 13

Daddy Day Care: Birthday Event

Maki doing the maze and trace the dot.
Hay... this one was another tiring day... as I thought before we leave for the birthday party.  Well, it turned out that it was not because of some few things that made the kids not too hyper and active.  One, we had a service vehicle; two, the venue of the birthday party is not that big so Maki and Gelo wasn't able to run around; and lastly, Maki was not in the mood to party.

Friday, January 11

Friday Toys: Avengers RC Car

Last Christmas Maki and Gelo got some wonderful gifts from their Godparents, Tito, Tita and others.  Take note, wife and I don't know where to place all those toys.  Hay... we really need a bigger house.  Well that one of my prayers, to own a wonderful house and lot for my family.

Okay so much with that.  So since there are plenty of toys to showcase here in our Friday Toys segment we'll have it one toy at a time.  I just hope that they haven't tear it to pieces yet. 

Tuesday, January 8

Tuesday Parenting: Each Child Is Special

I think I have posted or mentioned something about how special each child is and I mentioned it because I was to share something today for our Tuesday Parenting.  I haven't done the Tuesday Parenting since I started my scheduled posts. Okay back to our parenting matters.

Each child is special and it is really true based on our experience with our two boys.  The age gap between them is 4 years old so the situation is a little bit different from those who have age gaps lower than 4.  Just like me and sister, our age gap is 4 years old and perhaps the only difference is that we're not the same sex unlike our two boys.  Kids have different needs, different emotions, and different surroundings.  When Maki, the eldest, was born he was the only baby in the family so the attention during that time was with him while Gelo, the youngest, got plenty of little ones growing along with him so he got more babies, kids and people to socialize with.

Monday, January 7

Granite Security Gun Safe is the Cheaper Way to Your Gun Safety

Some men lived the dream of collecting guns and ammo. They feel that if they are collecting these, they have more machismo than the others. Others are using them for firing competitions which today may now be called a sport. While others would simply want to have a collector’s edition and they would pay any amount to suit them. But, what if these collections would be stolen and may even cause their death. They knew that it is such a peril if it would be in the hands of the wrong person. That’s why they are having a safe for them to place the guns in there and keep it hidden.
A safe should have a quality and a standard characteristic but as expected it may cost a small fortune to obtain it. The safe’s interior should be at least 58’’ long for the 30’’ barrel to be fitted and the other space can be filled up by a smaller guns and ammo. There can be also a feature that can be installed after you purchase it for more room. An important rating should be given to meet the standard of a safe. A good price from Granite Security gun safe makes everyone purchase it. it will only cost you less than a thousand dollar. 

Daddy Yashiro's Dream Board

Remember what I have shared here before that I'm busy doing something?  Well, I had finished it already before the holiday season and I have already posted it once on one of our wall, unfortunately I have to take it off because the area is reachable by the kids.  My work might end up torn into pieces. 

I'm sure you were wondering what was that thing and I have made a title of this post about Dream Board.   Hmm... if you were able to watch a documentary (I think) about making your dreams come true well my work is one of this.  The title of that documentary is "The Secret". 

Monday Rush: The Dreaded LBM Strikes Back

Learned my lesson once again, if your stomach is not used to having too many different foods don't go for it.  You may not experience it a few hours after but it will sure get into your system once it is being digested by your stomach. 

Hay, the first Monday of the year and this is what I got an upset stomach that made me went to the majestic throne a couple of times.  I think that part of the body just got way too clean.  Hahaha! 

Sunday, January 6

Daddy Day Care: Mommy's Birthday Celebration

Today is Mommy's big big and important day!  This is the day that she was brought out into this wonderful world and this is the day that she made her parents very proud.  Yup!  She did made them proud and she did not disappoint them up to now.  This is her day and the whole family celebrated with her.  Oh yes!  It's Three Kings today as well, which marks the end of the long stretched holiday in the Philippines.   Though no bearing gifts came to our house today I'm the whole year will be a blessing for and for us.

Friday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Well, I know it's quite late to post and greet everybody a Happy New Year but hey it's better late than never at all.  Right?

Anyway, I have been a little bit quiet this past few days.  Took some rest and off from blogging, holiday has indeed struck me became lazy just a bit.  Though, I was able to make some few doodling art which I already posted last December 25 and the other one is for the New Year which I have posted on my Facebook wall. I kind of like doing the doodling thing lately so perhaps I'll be doing it very often, especially during special events and holidays.  So for those who hasn't seen my doodle art for the New Year, here it is....

So, what do you think of it?  I don't have any scanner so I just took a picture and posted it.

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