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Friday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Well, I know it's quite late to post and greet everybody a Happy New Year but hey it's better late than never at all.  Right?

Anyway, I have been a little bit quiet this past few days.  Took some rest and off from blogging, holiday has indeed struck me became lazy just a bit.  Though, I was able to make some few doodling art which I already posted last December 25 and the other one is for the New Year which I have posted on my Facebook wall. I kind of like doing the doodling thing lately so perhaps I'll be doing it very often, especially during special events and holidays.  So for those who hasn't seen my doodle art for the New Year, here it is....

So, what do you think of it?  I don't have any scanner so I just took a picture and posted it.

2013 is another year for all of us.  It is a blessed year because many have predicted that the world is going to end just like in the Mayan calendar but it seems that we are all still here making our lives better each day.   I think, in myself, the prediction is just a warning for all of us.  Yes, the world will end soon but who are we to predict, we don't hold the future, all that we know is the present and it is evident that the world is deteriorating.  I remember when I was a kid, storms would only destroy houses, trees and plants due to strong wind, now every thing is being destroyed by floods.  Water gushing from the mountains mixed with mud, stones, logs and other debris.  Why? It's because there are no trees to hold the water and no roots to hold the soil.  That's the devastating truth!

This 2013 let us all be an activist, an activist of change.  Let us change the world far better than it is today.  Let us plant the seed to our little ones.  It is not yet late as long as we make sure that we teach our kids the right thing to do to our environment, not only the physical environment but the social environment as well.

We are all different, let's not argue about that instead let us polish the specialty that we have and teach it to the kids.  Yes, there will be competition but let us not look life as a game to beat others instead let be the way to beat our selves, let's compete with ourselves.

I know I'm sounding like a little bit weird here but this is my thought because of the incidents that transpired last 2012.   Good thing that there are activist, environmental and social, that fights for what is right.

Let 2013 be blessed as everyone who aspires changes.  Embrace the year and pray for it!  Happy New Year everyone!

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