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Monday, January 7

Monday Rush: The Dreaded LBM Strikes Back

Learned my lesson once again, if your stomach is not used to having too many different foods don't go for it.  You may not experience it a few hours after but it will sure get into your system once it is being digested by your stomach. 

Hay, the first Monday of the year and this is what I got an upset stomach that made me went to the majestic throne a couple of times.  I think that part of the body just got way too clean.  Hahaha! 

I was already ready to travel and got out of the house already, walked less than or more than a hundred meters and I'm already waiting for the right route to my destination but the gush of liquid in my stomach is way stronger than my will.  I thought I could hold it 'till my place of work but I couldn't.  My only appease is that I haven't got into the jeepney and I can still hold it till I got back of the house.   Sorry for those who are reading this blog post while eating.  Apologies, apologies! 

I was relieved when I got home it was really a Monday Rush! 

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