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Sunday, April 28

Daddy Day Care: Animated Movies Marathon

One of the best days of the week, weekends!  This is one of those days that I get a chance to play around with the kids.  No work, no hassle, no event coverage... just plain Daddy Day Care in the house.   Well, for Moms this is their usual routine but for me this is my weekend routine, that is if Mommy isn't around in the house.  

For this weekend's story, well it was yesterday Saturday, Mommy got some immediate invite from the entertainment niche so she needs to be there.  So the whole house is left for us.  Me and the two kids.  As our usual routine in the morning, breakfast, bath, and snacks then the best part watching movies.  At first I just wanted for them to watch the movie so I could do other things in the house and of course the online thingy but unfortunately the little one, Gelo, hold my hand and tag me along to watch the movie. Well I needed to have a rest.
So we lie down on the bed with a bunch of pillows at the back to make it more of a reclining position to get a good view of what we're going to watch.  Since we got plenty of animated movies, well, I'm pretty sure this was going to be a movie marathon.

First movie that we watch was the "KungFu Panda".  I know it has a little bit of violence in it that's why parents should accompany their kids when watching this one which I did.  I tried to explain things to them the why's that I probably thought they would ask.  Things is better it is explained well.  There are some learning in it the that I like, like these lines 

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and 
Today is a Gift that's why it is called PRESENT"

"There are NO ACCIDENTS, things happen for a reason."

The second one was the "Wreck It Ralph".  This is one of the great animated movies with plenty of moral lessons not only for the kids but for the old ones as well.  I know you have read it here that on the Kid's Choice Award of Nickelodeon "Wreck It Ralph" was the winner for the animated movies.   Here's one of my favorite line in the movie...

"Taking life one game at a time."

... and the great lesson that this movie impose is "CONTENTMENT".   We should be contented with what we have and take life one game at a time.

The next one was the "Monster Inc.", "The Incredibles", "The Lorax" and another round of all of these.  Whew!  It is indeed a movie marathon.  The best part is that the kids watch it with me and when they want to ask something I'm there to explain it or even when they don't ask and the scene something not good for the kids I make sure there's an explanation about it.

Well this is my weekend so far.  How about you?  How was your weekend?
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